My Full Body Tattoo Tour

Hey guys. 

As you may have noticed from training with me, I have quite a few tattoos. Some of you know some of the stories behind them, and I’ve noticed in the Insider Group that a lot of you guys are sporting some impressive ink as well. Since we have so many BodyRockers into tats, I thought I’d share all of mine on a tattoo tour. 
Here we go!

The Symbol on my Stomach was my first tattoo along with my name. I got this when I was 16, my dad came with me to make sure i was safe. 

My Finger tattoos have no meaning but I LOVE them, I just know it was something I wanted to have done. 
I love the idea of the infinity symbol and this is one of my fav tattoos.
This was a tattoo I got with Sean to symbol one of the most amazing weekends of my life meeting Bodyrockers in Atlanta. 
I have a heart in barb wire on my left breast because I hold my heart very close to me and I hold those in my heart with this protection. 
I have never a failure always a lesson - backwards on my right collar bone, this is because i have had so many moments when I’ve needed the reminder that life is about the lessons we learn. 
I have love on my finger, for no other reason than i liked the fact that i can hold hands with love between us. 
I have a heart behind my ear from one of the first trips to LA and i wanted to have something to remind me of how special it was.
The sun on my shoulder was the second tattoo i had and probably one I would remove if i didn’t already know how painful tattoo removal is lol … however this symbol has appeared in my life from as far back as I can remember, i see it everywhere. 
The cross was my design, I am not religious but I wanted to have something that for me was a form of protection on my back. 
I have Pxx on my left wrist - in honour of my mother. Patricla. 
Let me know what you guys think, and feel free to share your tats and what inspired you to get them in the insider group. 
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I have an anchor tat about the same size as your sun (slightly bigger) on the left back shoulder that I have lost a bit of fondness for. Regardless, it represents a journey I have been through. I’m sure when I did it, it seemed like a good idea! Ink is ink, just have to let it stay aye, Lisa?

Kim March 26, 2019

They all look great!! But, no “Heart” photo(s)??? ;)

Max March 25, 2019

What is the symbol on your stomach and the one on the back/top of your right wrist in the second photograph?

Dallas Gwin March 24, 2019

Love your tattoos

Jeanne March 24, 2019

Thanks for sharing your intimate body ware. I’ve always wanted to get a tat, but yet always undecided. Plus a few people close to me do not like them,, oh well

Marsha March 24, 2019

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