Look Alive: Take Back Your Body With This 12 Minute Workout

Life can always get in the way of what we want to achieve for ourselves. There are days that I dread my workout. That’s not to say that I don’t love training - but we’ve all felt too tired, too distracted, too worried, too upset, too whatever to workout.

We’ve tried to help by providing you guys a gym quality workout in 12 minutes that you can do in your living room - but even making things super convenient some days is still not enough to get you over the motivation hump.

I want you guys to know that we get it. We feel the same feelings more often than we’d like to admit. That said, it’s important that you show up for you. That you give yourself the gift of looking alive for your workout. Take a minute and shake life off. The 12 minutes you spend with me today will empower you. It will make you feel accomplished. It will filter your emotions and help you release stress and frustration. All you need to do is show up, press play and look alive. This is your workout. This is you giving yourself the gift of purpose. Show up with me. I’m here for you.




Look Alive

This workout sculpts every inch of your body, using a killer combo of plyometrics, classic resistance-based moves, and unilateral training to give you a beautiful full-body burn.  These moves are as inventive as they are effective, and the results? They’re guaranteed. Just keep pushing, and get ready.

Workout Breakdown

The Move: Squat and Press

The Gear: The Pink Thing

One of the main benefits of this move is brought to you by The Pink Thing  — one of our favourite resistance bands. By offering you instantly customized, continuous resistance, you can make adjustments on the fly while you workout  — no need to even stop and get another band. This one can do it all.

The Move: Push Up +Walk back

The Gear: Balance Trainer

By adding the Balance Trainer into the mix, we’re really engaging your stabilizing muscles  — all those small but mighty muscles that often get neglected. Translation: you’ll feel the burn in places you didn’t know exist, but you’ll also get ripped in ways you never dreamed.

The Move: Pogo Touchdowns

The Gear: Bar & Weights

We’re rocking your lower body in this move, while also pumping up your heart rate to max out cardio and muscle fat burn. Remember: you can drop the weight and modify any part of this exercise to suit your current fitness level or your current spread of gear.

The Move: Front + Side Lunge

The Gear: Weighted Vest

Lunges are one of the best moves to promote balanced training. As a unilateral move, they work each side of your body separately, ensuring you’re getting equally great gains on both sides. What’s more, incorporating a front and side lunge in one exercise means we’re targeting more of the lower body: your quads, hamstrings and glutes, but also your adductors (inner thighs) and abductors (outer thighs).

The Move: Pulse In + Side Squats

The Gear: None

We’re hitting up a powerful plyometric exercise to not only build strength and agility, but also improve your coordination  — an often overlooked element of overall fitness. Coordination is the difference between being able to tackle the new moves that will help you bust through plateaus and get your best body, and having to settle on less than you deserve. Coordination will also help you steer clear of preventable injuries, so get don’t give up even if this move is a little challenging at first.

The Move: Bear Kickbacks

The Gear: none

This fierce move will not only sculpt a beautiful booty, but it also targets your entire core and hamstrings. You don’t need any equipment for this exercise, but if you feel you could use an extra challenge, slap on a weighted vest, and unleash your inner animal.

If you loved this workout and want more body (and life!) transforming routines, tune into the HIIT List.

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I loved this workout…Excellent!!!

Yvette Rubio July 03, 2018

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