Losing weight on your vagina is the new fitness trend. 

Just in case you were worried that women the world over didn’t have enough pressure on them to lose weight and conform to unrealistic body ideals, you now have the weight of your own vagina to contest with. Vaginal weight loss is the latest assault on common sense and women’s dignity. 

Maybe it’s not entirely surprising that this beauty trend has been most publicly championed by Khloe Kardashian - or as we like to call her, the ‘fitness’ Kardashian. Khloe has spoken very openly about the plumpness of her own vagina, naming her camel toe ‘Camille’. 

Crass? Maybe. But normalizing the camel toe as something that is natural / normal isn’t a bad thing. Normalizing efforts around our natural bodies is something that we are 100% in support of. Making women feel insecure around their private parts is not, and that seems to be the point of this new fitness trend. 

Camel Toe

The real medical name for the camel toe is ‘mon-pubis’. Someone, likely in a corporate fitness company’s boardroom, has decided that women should lose weight down there. Expect new, lucrative markets to open for their Vagina fitness products.

Never ones to let the truth get in the way of a dollar, they seem to have forgotten that you can’t spot train fat away from any part of your body, your money maker included.

Your vagina is subject to the same fat loss rules as the rest of your body, namely that you can’t pick and choose where fat loss occurs. 

Maybe we need some science. Let’s bring in someone in a lab coat in to break this down for us. Dr. Sherry Ross explains: ‘weight loss and weight gain can definitely change the appearance of your vagina, for better or for worse’ Dr. Ross says. 

Unhappy vagina

The good doctor continues - ‘losing significant weight will reduce the size and shape of your mons-pubis (camel toe), and your outer labia, making your vagina look better and healthier’. 

It’s still not clear to me how to lose weight specifically on your vagina, and despite wearing a stethoscope and a white coat, Dr. Ross doesn’t clarify this point, instead explaining that ‘when it comes to ‘healthier looking’ vaginas, and getting rid of the appearance of camel toe, it all comes down to your Body Mass Index (BMI). No shit. Having fat elbows also comes down to your BMI, so I’m still not sure what is going on here. The bottom line seems to be that if you are overweight, your vagina is going to be larger and more likely to protrude. Someone call the New York Times. 

As far as we can tell, this is just another effort to undermine women's self confidence, by making them question the appearance and attractiveness of their most private areas. Brilliant marketing tactic, horrible attack on women. 

Fat down there serves a purpose. 

If you’ve ever heard the expression ‘cushion for the pushing’ - it’s one way to sum up the benefit of having fat on your mon-pubis area. Fat helps protect your vagina. It’s natural, it’s normal, it’s ok.  

Vagina’s unite!

To sum it up.

Vagina fat is now the target of a new weight loss trend, and just like every other body flaw that we have been introduced to by the fake fitness media, you can count on it getting predatory. Expect new ‘essential’ products to lean out your coochie, vaginal ‘diets’ and a whole host of other marketing solutions for what is, in effect, an invented problem. 

Some questions to consider:

  1. Who determines what a ‘healthier’ looking vagina looks like? Notice that they don’t say ‘healthier vagina’ - they are careful to say ‘healthier looking’. We suspect that this means that the actual health of your vagina is not on the line here, rather just it’s perceived health, appearance or as the beauty industry will likely frame it, ‘fresh before date’. This claim is entirely superficial and cosmetic and has nothing to do with the actual health of your vajayjay. ‘Healthier looking’ is ad copy borrowed directly from Pantene Shampoo commercials. 
  2. What does the ideal vagina look like out of curiosity? The marketing spin on this will be vague, but no doubt strongly imply that your vagina will not be nominated for a vagina beauty pageant any time soon, at least not until you invest in a ‘fix’ to beautify your vagina into looking acceptable. I have a hunch that the vagina beauty ideal has more to do with a male perspective - call it the ‘Playboy pussy ideal’ - than any opinions actual women might have concerning the appearance of their vaginas. 
  3. Reducing the vagina to a singular beauty ideal minimizes the important functionality of the vagina, it’s cultural meaning, and excludes the vast majority of women that don’t conform to the appropriate vaginal silhouette. All bodies are different. This should be celebrated, not restricted by an industry that is hell bent on making us question every aspect of our physicality. 

In conclusion, this is grossly manipulative and rides on the back of hundreds of years of various cultural institutions trying to condem, control and shame the female body in general, and female genitalia in particular. Excuse the language, but it’s fucking disgusting for companies that front as being ‘empowering’ allies to active women, to stoop to this level. 

Take care of your vagina. Treat it with care and respect. Enjoy it. Don’t let anyone shame you. 

With love,



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A camel-toe is NOT the vagina. Please do not continue the use of incorrect vocabulary. The vagina is inside the body, and definitely not what is being discussed when the idea of “losing weight down there” is bandied about.

That said… yes, educate women about the stupidness of losing weight from just there, and stand up to companies that prey on these women.

Angela December 08, 2021

I am interested in your boot camp classes

Michelle Armstrong December 08, 2021

Loved this article. It’s time to start pushing back and asking ourselves why these companies think they can make us ashamed of our own bodies.

Fran December 08, 2021

Thanks for calling out more fitness BS and having our backs. It’s refreshing to see a fitness company take a stand on issues like this and call them out for women everywhere. Love training with you guys – you’ve helped me drop 16 pounds.

Kathryn December 08, 2021

The vagina is the internal portion of the female gentalia. The area of the mons pubis and outer physical parts you can see in general is the vulva.

I think its important to call parts by their actual names and educating others about the difference. Especially instead of going along with the laxity of society in terms of respect for our female parts. To me it’s a sign of not taking enough care to actually care what things are called. Which is like backhanded disrespect and disregard for our female forms/bodies.

We deserve the care and respect of calling our parts their proper names and not be a source of more confusion going along with improper use.

In short, vulva = outside and visible (which is really what this article is actually about) & vagina = inside & not visible without a speculum device.

Lacey December 08, 2021

Yes, women the world over should take care of their vagina and all other parts of their bodies! That message gets lost by the offer to purchase training from BodyRock for $69. Please, you could have put your services on sale for another number, really!!!

Helen Saunders December 08, 2021

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