Losing your boobs while working out?

How fitness and losing weight affects your boobs. 

Breast shrinkage during weight loss is a real thing. Today we are going to answer all of your questions about how diet and working out can affect your boobs. 

Will losing weight make your boobs smaller?

Yes. Your breasts are primarily made up of fat, along with breast tissue. When you lose weight all over your body, some of that weight will be coming from your boobs. 

losing breast size from working out

The amount of volume that you lose from your breasts will largely depend on how much fat that you store in your chest. 

If I'm losing weight, how much will my breasts shrink?

A woman that loses approximately 20% of her body weight can expect her breast size to decrease by approximately a full cup size. 

During weight lass, will your boobs shrink first?

It might appear that your breasts are shrinking faster than other fat deposits on your body, but that is not likely what is happening. The weight loss in your breasts may appear disproportionate, because they're front and center on your body, and your breasts get a lot of mirror time during your daily self-care routines.

breast size and exercise

Unfortunately we cant control where fat loss happens on the body. You can’t restrict it to a specific area, and it typically happens uniformly (although everyone is different in this regard and fat loss can vary significantly from person to person).

Does fat loss make boobs sag? 

It depends. The speed at which you lose weight has no impact on the elasticity of your skin and won’t cause your breasts to sag. That said, if you lose a serious amount of weight, your skin is likely to sag all over your body, your breasts included. The extra weight that people carry stretches out the skin, and when you lose that weight, the skin can appear looser. This excess skin is sometimes removed with surgery. 

does exercise make your boobs bigger

Carrie shares her experience.

Carrie shares her experience. I lost just over 60 pounds, and my breasts shrunk down noticeably. In my case I lost about 1.5 cup sizes, which I was totally ok with. I didn’t have a lot of excess skin, but I had lost size. I decided to have a post weight loss breast lift, which is something that I had been considering since having my three kids. I’m glad that I waited until after I had reached my weight loss goals, because my doctor said my results would be better. With the weight loss, smaller chest size, and the lift, my boobs were the nicest they have ever been. I maintain their perkiness with regular strength training, which I got into with you guys (on BodyRockPlus.com). I feel more confident now in my appearance than I ever imagined I would at 46’.

strength training helps keep boobs perky

Can you do anything to keep your boobs perky?

Yes. The best way to avoid breast droop during weight loss is by picking up a bar and weights or a set of dumbbells and strength training. Lifting weights throughout your weight loss journey will not just significantly speed up your overall results, but will also help tone and lift your chest.

strength training can help elevate your boobs

Lifting weights and training your pectoral muscles will help build the lean muscle up along the chest wall, which will help elevate your boobs. Strength Training is the most effective, non-surgical, method for lifting and toning your chest. 

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Bottom Line.

You can’t lose weight without losing volume in your boobs. It’s not uncommon to drop a full cup size or more, if your fitness and body composition goals are focused on fat loss. Don’t let the fear of losing your boobs stop you from pursuing the health benefits that come from getting healthier, stronger and losing excess weight. The benefits to your health are worth a cup size. 


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