My Best Boobs Support For Workouts

Ahhh - Boobs
We have them, and they need to be supported properly when you train. I was going through my sports bras today, and I wanted to share 3 sports bras from my closet, from least favorite to favorite.
For context, I’m a size small in Nike tops and most sports bras. I like to be held firmly in place when I train. Yes, I have implants (I’ve shared the story of the complications I’ve had and will again in an upcoming email).
Now first of all, you need to support your girls. I put support before looking pretty. I always try for the right fit, and then worry about what it looks like. Don’t get me wrong, I like looking pretty, even when I’m training at home or on my own, and feeling good about what you have on can actually help keep you motivated. Be comfortable, and look hot for who matters the most - you. 

My least favorite. It’s fun, it looks great, but it’s just not practical for serious training. I found it’s too small to give enough support. Also feels like I’m going to a workout prom. 

I picked this off of the website because this bra looks hot, but if I’m honest, it’s made more for a nightclub than a workout. It’s a rookie mistake to pick something just because it looks dynamite in the pictures. Remember, we are not buying lingerie - we are buying a piece of sports gear - no different from the weighted vest I wear to up the burn on all of my workouts. You need it to hold you in place so you can get serious about your workout. This bra just doesn’t have enough structure to hold you in place.

This is my middle favorite. It’s by Lululemon. Again, looks great, but it’s only good for Yoga. If you try a HIITt workout in this one you might pop out. 

I like this one because it fully supports me and looks good. Finding something that is fully supportive and looks on the better side of good is a solid win. When it comes to your sports bra, you also want it to go on and come off easily. There are a lot of sports bras out there with really exotic looking straps - I tend to avoid these because I don’t want the hassle or discomfort of straps twisting when I’m trying to stay focused on busting my ass through the next rep or round of our workouts.
Ideally you want to keep it simple. It should be as easy as wearing our weighted vest. You snap it on and off - easy.

My favorite. Lots of coverage, great support and it just feels as good as it looks. I know I can smash any kind of workout in my Nike Dri Fit and feel confident that I’m fully supported.

This last sports bra is my favorite. I think it looks great, the material doesn’t chaff or rub in any weird or uncomfortable ways, and if I cared what I looked like when I’m a sweaty hot mess, I would wear it. Just like our vest, it’s easy on and off and I feel good wearing it.
If you don’t already, start thinking of your sports bras, not as bras or lingerie but as part of your fitness training gear - the right sports bra is a game changer - just like our weighted vest that I’m wearing in all of the pictures. If you want to supercharge your results, bust through a plateau or just take your training to the next level, pick one of these bad boys up. They will change the way you workout forever. You can check out our vests here. 
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See you in the living room for our next workout.
We can deal with how not to get your head stuck in your sweatshirt next time lol - click over for a really funny video.


Patagonia makes great sports bras.

Linda L June 22, 2019

Hi, I am getting a breast surgery, with implants under the muscle. What do you girls do ( with implants) in terms of extra support and doing upper body exercises?

Anne-sofie Hohl March 15, 2019

I started shopping at Fabeletics. I love the variety of sports bras. They have support fit, medium support and light. And the heavy support fit is super fantastic. I’m a wee bit big and can’t wear low cut unless I’m just going to work some weights at the gym and have an over shirt on. But I know what’s underneath so I feel sexy!

Micki March 14, 2019

My favourite is Stell Mcartney Adidas thriatlon Crop black sports bra with x straps at the back . Very comfortable, good hold , practical , looks very sexy and comfortable!I One of my favourites

Ivy March 14, 2019

I actually found my perfect sports bra at American Eagle of all places. Absolutely perfect coverage, soft material that doesn’t pinch or squeeze anywhere but holds the girls in place without squashing them flat. Also love that I don’t have to worry about popping out or showing too much cleavage when I’m bent over!

Melissa Wilson March 14, 2019

Thanks for being so candid and inspiring! I fell in love with your program several years ago, and although I have been slacking it’s so motivational to watch your videos! Thanks for sharing your advice and outtakes!

Tiffany March 14, 2019

I love my front zip up workout sports bras by Victoria’s Secret. Supportive and lasts forever with proper care!!

Janyth G March 14, 2019

SheFit is also very good! And they have all sizes.

CL March 14, 2019

I have Nike and Under Armour and I love them.

Diane Funk March 14, 2019

Glamourise and Pennington’s (Addition Elle) make great sports bras for sizes 34 and up. Cup sizes can go as high as H. Lots of structure and underwire is optional.

Kelinda March 14, 2019

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