One of these 20 Minute Workouts Per Week is Enough To Lose Body Fat.

The biggest question with anyone starting their fitness journey is: how long will it take to see results? 

We get it. Timelines can be extremely motivating for people, especially when setting body goals. It helps us to visualize the outcome we want to achieve. We’ve given you the straight goods on how long it typically takes to see changes if you were to start today. 

People tend to underestimate how long it will take to reach their goals, and overestimate how often and how long they will have to exercise to get there. 

 BodyRock Hiit Workouts

For the first 5 years here at BodyRock, we published a daily 12 minute HIIT workout. Over 750 million video views later, newbies were still flat out sceptical that 12 minutes were enough, and if our trainers really got their lean and muscle toned bodies just doing this daily routine. It is, and they did. 

Think of it this way. A HIIT is a sprint, not a jog. The fastest humans in the world are among the most athletically capable people on the planet, and yet they run and compete often for less than 10 seconds. Short but intense. It’s the same for HIIT. 

We love fitness here at BodyRock, but even our most diehard coaches and trainers don’t want to spend their entire day at the gym or working out at home. Life is more dynamic than that for most people, and when you train smart and on purpose, you can smash your fitness goals in less time with far greater impact than if you are aimlessly doing steady state cardio or following a program that doesn't challenge you. Put another way, if there is no challenge, there won’t be any change. Change feeds your motivation and propels you forward. The less time you are exercising, the more time that you will have for the rest of your life, including being physically active in ways that don’t include following a workout routine like hiking, playing a sport, playing with your kids, or however you enjoy moving. 

Told you so.

A study in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise found that one 20 minute HIIT workout per week for just one month can dramatically lower body fat and boost aerobic capacity. Now we aren’t telling you to just workout once per week, but if one time per week can swing the momentum in your favour, imagine what 3-5 twenty minute sessions per week could achieve? 

Don’t Half Ass It.

There is a huge opportunity to create incredible change in just 20 minutes per day, but you can’t half ass it. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. We’ve bolded intensity because its the lynchpin for making these short burst workouts the most effective workouts ever designed for burning fat, losing weight and building long-lean muscle tone. 

What Does ‘High Intensity’ Mean for You?

Hiit requires intensity

These workouts are short, but you have to push yourself. You need to feel challenged. How challenged? You need to be achieving 90% of your max exertion, and pushing towards 100% as your goal. This isn’t going to be pretty. You will be breathless. You will feel uncomfortable. You might swear a lot. All of this is normal and encouraged. 

Be Honest.

If you complete one of our 20 Minute HIIT classes and you still have some swagger, if you feel like you could do it again, if there is still juice in your orange, lead in your pencil, then you simply didn’t push hard enough. At the end of your workout, there should be no more gas left in your tank. Understanding what your body is capable of is one of the great things about HIIT - you will develop a new body level awareness that will allow you to start to feel yourself getting stronger and faster over time. That's because the only person that you are competing against is yourself. 

This Sounds Brutal. Is HIIT for me?

HIIT is for everyone that has medical clearance to exercise - especially when the workouts and movements have been designed for beginners, which is why we’ve created a whole series of beginner level workout programs that unlock the fat burning benefits of HIIT at the beginner level. Our recent Intro to HIIT Bootcamp was programmed with exercises that are achievable for beginners, which is a rare thing in the corporate gym world of one size fits all fitness. We have created workouts that are inclusive of beginners, and they are specifically designed to get you up and moving again, even if it’s been 20 years since you last exercised, or you are just looking to get started with HIIT. 

The Most Powerful HIIT Workout gets Your Muscles Involved. 

BodyRock Strength Training Bootcamp

There is a reason that the best bodies at the gym are always in the weight room. Adding resistance to your HIIT workouts takes HIIT to the next level. Nothing burns fat faster and will re-shape your body as effectively as blending HIIT with Strength Training. The benefits are undeniable, and can’t beat a HIIT workout infused with lifting weights. At BodyRock, this fusion of HIIT and Strength Training is what we’ve built our reputation on. We also know how intimidating Strength Training can be for people taking their first steps towards fitness, so we’ve also created the Introduction To Strength Training Bootcamp - a 5 day program that will get you up off of the couch and teach you the foundational basics of strength training so that you feel confident in your training. This is another one of our beginner programs that will get you started training smart and on purpose. If your goal is fat loss, weight loss, toning up and getting stronger and more physically capable, this program is for you

The Benefits of Strength Training For Women

BodyRock coach Jessie, a mother of 3 kids under 8, leads you through our introduction strength training program from the BodyRock living room. 


If you are interested in trying out one of our beginner programs (or any other of our dozens of our workout series) we’ve extended our regular 7 day free trial to a full month of free access for readers of this article. You can access this extended month-long free trial access to our fitness streaming platform here. We can’t wait to train with you. 

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