Our Mobility Specialist Tells You the Importance of Functional Movement

If you are flying through your workout with no regard for the importance of functional movement, you could be on your way to a painful, even chronic, injury. 


What is functional movement?

Functional movements are movements founded on the way we move in real life. They are most often compound movements (meaning they use multiple joints to perform the movement) and employ your core.

We talked to BodyRock Trainer Micheal Levine, host of our Mobility & Strength Series on BR+, about the importance of functional movement to not only the structural integrity of your body, but also, your fat loss goals. Michael is a certified strength and conditioning coach, a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms), a registered 500-hour yoga instructor, and a co-founder of Famiglia — a men's mental health initiative in Toronto.

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Functional movement is key in day to day activities whether you're going upstairs, lifting or carrying heavy groceries and/or planning your next hike or marathon. It is also very important for preventing injury, improving the longevity of your joint mobility and increasing overall healthy movement in the body.

Functional movement can help you feel good in your own skin when you can move well, efficiently and with ease.

What’s more, when your body is functionally strong, you will burn more calories because you'll be moving properly and feeling more comfortable and strong when reaching on the top shelf for your blender, going for a jog in the park or swimming laps in the pool.  When you move properly this can promote weight loss, increase lean muscle, have more effective workouts and be able to achieve your results sooner than expected!”

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