Our Mother’s Day Gift to You: We’re Going to Cut the Crap

It's been almost 15 years since BodyRock launched into the homes of people around the world, bringing with us wicked good home workouts with a serious side of sex appeal. It's not an ethos that appealed to everyone, but we loved celebrating that aspect of being a strong and healthy woman.

We're proud of what we've created.

However, the world of fitness has changed. When we started doing home workouts for women, we were the among the first on Youtube. Showing sexy women celebrating their bodies (our videos were shot and directed by women) was exciting and different. Now, sexualized content is ubiquitous and not celebratory...in fact, it can be exhausting.

In addition, the last year has shifted our perspective. Since COVID began, home gyms have flourished, and this is good! More people are working out from the comfort, convenience, and safety of their homes. The more people getting active and healthy, the better!

However, eating disorders have also risen. Feelings of depression, anxiety, and isolation are increasing. We asked ourselves: what can we do to make this better?

The most obvious answer was: be there for more people. 

The Move Toward More Body Positivity & Inclusivity

While we've always tried to show up for everyone, and 100% mean it when we say our workouts are for everybody and every body, if we are honest with ourselves, we've been saying one thing, and showing another.

The people we show on our social platforms and in ads: they aren't everybody. For the most part, their body types are types many of us are taught to aspire to, but without a complete lifestyle overhaul--and maybe not even then--it wouldn’t be possible to achieve the same results. And even if we could, would the sweat and tears be worth it? Maybe...and maybe not.

Besides, our bodies are beautiful and sexy as hell, just as they are. Our bodies are enough. We are enough.

But we know that as much as we've wanted to encourage people to embrace their bodies, we've simultaneously been showcasing only one type of beautiful body.

And we're going to change that. 

Sexy is how you work it!

We're going to be showing more images of women and trainers who run the spectrum of body shapes and sizes. And yes, we will also showcase the ripped AF trainers and models we have used in the past, because these people have real, beautiful bodies too. They have a particular lifestyle and for some, it shows on the outside.

In addition to images, we will stop using terms that are fatphobic; terms that insinuate that if you have fat, you must want to get rid of it. Burn fat, torch fat, etc. These aren't useful or helpful phrases. In fact, they're damaging, and we’re sorry.

Many of us work out because we want to be strong and healthy. We want that gorgeous post-workout rush. We may care about how much fat we have on our bodies, but of equal importance is our mental health and our ability to enjoy life. We aren’t going to starve and sweat ourselves to death because of some perfectly healthy fat.

More and more studies are showing that weight is not the all-encompassing measure of health that we used to think it was. Many people who have been traditionally categorized as “overweight” are perfectly healthy. We want to better convey our belief that fat is not an all-encompassing measure of happiness, either.

As we navigate these changes, feel free to reach out and talk to us. Tell us how you feel. We want to do so much more to help people live happier, fitter lives—and it starts with changing the way we talk—and listen—to each other.

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Great to hear! I have been following you for years! I work out enough to maintain but I would love to feel a little less pressure to have that six pack lol

Danika Levetto May 09, 2021

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