Outrageous Fitness Manipulation Caught On Camera - WTF!

This was truly a WTF moment. We've never seen anything like this before. 

Thanks to a BodyRocker community member for sending us this clip of ‘fitness’ manipulation caught on camera.


There is a billion dollar war going on against our girls and young women to get them to hate themselves by creating grotesque and artificial standards that no one on the planet can live up to.

Why do powerful women participate in it? Why do they allow themselves to be photoshopped? Why do actresses, singers and athletes who claim to stand up for women's issues allow this to happen? 

It's 2021 FFS, why does one of the most popular fitness magazines with "women's" in their title continue to airbrush their covers?  

All of this collective horse shit is going on when there is a childhood obesity epidemic which will see children not live to their parents age in the first time in our history as a society.

Thanks to whistleblowers, we know how negative and destructive social media is on everyone that uses it, and in particular our girls and young women. This clip is just a small example of the toxic level the corporate fitness media will go to sell you shit that you don’t need. I mean really? Wasn’t the ass of the fitness model good enough already to get your point across?

Our @bodyrockofficial Instagram account has lost over 8k followers (the majority of them women), since we started pointing this stuff out, and populating our feed with a more diverse representation of real body types. There is a war going on against us, they want us to hate ourselves, or at least be emotionally rattled and off balance enough by their fake fitness content that we remain vulnerable to their marketing. BodyRock is going to be a voice against all of this crap, so keep sending us in posts like this and we will keep sharing them and trying to be a counter voice against the BS.

Remember - you are good enough and your real, human body is beautiful. 

Lets get stronger together.

Thanks BodyRockers.


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