Psycho Sweat — Your HIIT Workout for Crazy Gains

Drive your frustration, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, and any other emotion that needs to be expressed into your workout. Power your reps with all of your totally normal ‘Psycho’ emotions.

Training with us will filter that stuff out and help you process it. Movement will help clear your mind, and our 12 minute sweat sesh will leave you more balanced with a better overall perspective.

Motivation doesn’t always come from will power and thinking fuzzy warm thoughts. If you are pissed off, use that energy to accomplish something that takes you a step closer to achieving your goals. Use it to make you stronger. Own what you are feeling, accept it, and use it to smash your workout. You can cry about it, or you can deliver a righteous sweat that will leave you stronger.

Choose to be strong. Join for today’s ‘Psycho Sweat’ workout on and let’s work through our crazy together.


Psycho Sweat

This workout has been designed to burn through life's madness so you can look and feel your best. Using minimal equipment and a shit load of personal power, Marina (@marinasantosfit) is your guide for this psychotic combination of plyometrics, compound movements and agility and stability training. Sure, we're going to nail all the major muscle groups, but we're also going to attack muscles you didn't even know existed. Unleash your inner lunatic, cause this routine embodies the best of the HIIT craze.

Workout Breakdown:

The Move: Jack Squat Hugs

The Gear: Booty Bands & Weighted Vest

This move is going to show your lower body some serious TLC. Not only are you going to call on the fat burning, muscle building power of plyometrics, but -- if you really want to up the ante -- you're going to strap on your weighted vest and your Booty Bands. Be sure to really sink down into your heels at the base of this move, and power up from the same point. This will really engage your glutes, which among the most powerful movers in your body.

The Move: Squat to Lunge

The Gear: Booty Bands & Weighted Vest

We’ve combined two of the most classic, hardest hitting exercises for your lower body and put them back-to-back to give you an amazing move that’ll leave your legs shaking, and heart pumping. Marina’s rocking the weighted vest to increase her lean gains, and Booty Bands to sculpt those all-important, contour-shaping stabilizing muscles.

The Move: Cross Jack Push Up

The Gear: Balance Trainer

It’s time to light your core afire. The cross jack push up is an incredible exercise for creating a stronger, sexier core, as well as more defined arms and trimmer outer and inner thighs. What’s more, this move will also amp up your heart rate, giving you extra, immediate energy expenditure. Translation: you’ll build more muscle, and torch more calories.

The Move: Resistance Chest Fly

The Gear: The Pink Thing

We're calling on the power of The Pink Thing to sculpt our best chest ever. This resistance band offers continually resistance, so, unlike conventional weights, you get a workout as you raise and lower. This means you're building stronger muscles and ligaments every step of the way.

The Move: Standing Bicep Hold Jump Over

The Gear: The Pink Thing & Balance Trainer

Here’s a move that’s going to have everyone wanting tickets to your gun show! Not only does this exercise give your biceps an excruciatingly amazing workout, but you’ll also get the heart rate going and work on your agility and coordination. For best results, dig deep, and get low.

The Move: Seated Shoulder Press & Bicep Curl

The Gear: The Pink Thing & Balance Trainer

We love this exercise. It may look unassuming, but it delivers absolutely crazy training for your core and arms. You can sit on the floor or on a chair, but you’ll definitely get a better burn if you perch on a Balance Trainer - having to work to stabilize yourself.

The Move: Burpee Switch Lunge

The Gear: Weighted Vest & Booty Bands

Time to get that heart rate up again! Burpees are old school hard, and for this move, we’ve paired them with a switch lunge to increase the plyometric muscle gains and pulse pounding cardio training. Switch lunges can be tough, so work at your own pace, but remember, you’ve got to push yourself out of your comfort zone to see results. Adding a weighted vest is a great way to give your body the nudge it needs to keep the good gains coming. And those Booty Bands? When used in the switch lunge, we’re talking insane training for your hip flexors.


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