Quick Hiits - Never Miss Your Workout Again.

Never Miss Your Workout Again.

Mini workouts are a perfect way to exercise when you are pressed for time. 

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One of the biggest reasons that people cite for missing their workouts is being crunched for time. When time is of the essence, it’s easy to sacrifice our self-care and set our fitness goals on the back burner. This is especially true if you are commuting to the gym. It’s been suggested that people who leave home to travel to their gym, park and change into active wear, might actually spend as much time with the prep, commute and return trip than they do exercising once they’ve gotten there. 

If your life is crazy, and your day to day is slammed, and you are struggling to fit exercise into your daily routine, you should consider the advantages of mini-workouts. 

Mini workouts are a perfect way to exercise

Exercise researchers have discovered that accumulated exercise over the course of your day is just as effective as doing your workout in one longer continuous session. Mini-workouts are just what they sound like - short, intense workouts that deliver what their longer counterparts do in a tight, compact window of time that is typically 15 minutes or less. You can stack mini-workouts up over your day, completing them whenever you have a 15 minute opening, or you can do one mini-workout as a standalone when you are super pressed for time. 

Benefits of mini-workouts.

Benefits of mini-workouts. The main benefits of mini-workouts, is that they allow you to maintain your exercise consistency on days when a longer workout is just not possible. Consistency is one of the most important factors in reaching your fitness goals, and repeatedly missing or skipping out on your workouts can undermine the habit you have developed and start to erode your progress. Over time it starts to get easier to allow other priorities to take precedence in your life, and eventually this can lead to falling out of your fitness routine altogether. If you’ve ever wondered how extremely fit people lose their mojo and fall out of fitness altogether, it happens just like that - one day and one missed workout at a time. 

Something is always better than nothing

Something is always better than nothing has been one of our mantras here at BodyRock since forever. If you can’t make a workout happen because of work, family or social obligations, we get it. That’s why Coach Sean created our ‘Quick HIITs’ workout series. The Quick HIITs mini workout delivers a full body workout that engages all of the major muscle groups including your core in just 12 minutes flat. These workouts are easier to fit into your day because they’ve been designed so that they can be done just about anywhere, and wait for it, they don’t even necessarily require a change of clothes (although this is 100% a personal preference, and will likely depend on a bunch of factors, including how much you sweat and how effective your deodorant is 😂). Many people that count on these types of mini workout breaks in the middle of their busy days actually plan on wearing more of an active wear look that day which helps save time. 

mini workouts are structured to be incredibly flexible

Our Quick Hiits workout series is the perfect example of how mini workouts are structured to be incredibly flexible, while providing a full body workout experience in a fraction of the time. As mentioned above, you can either just do 1 Quick Hiits as a standalone workout, or you can insert them throughout the day whenever you have an open 15 minutes. Our BodyRockPlus members are also using them as an extra ‘burnout’ at the end of their regular, full length workouts, to help break through plateaus or just as an extra challenge. If you cycle or have a Peloton at home, adding a 12 minute, full body Quick HIIT workout is an excellent way to round off a spin session. A few members have also started doing them after they run, or even before a Yoga class. Because you can stream them anywhere and on any device, they have become game changing resources for our BodyRockPlus members that are coping with busy lives. Mini workouts are a great tool to keep you on track, and give you another powerful option to stay consistent when time and life conspires against you. 

reach a higher level of workout intensity

Because mini workouts are just that - short and intense, our members have found that they can often reach a higher level of workout intensity during the 12 minute Quick HIIT workouts than they can during longer workout classes. This is amazing because the more intensity that you bring to your training, the more benefit you will reap from your workouts. Spiking your intensity can also demonstrate that you are stronger, faster and more capable than you realized, which is a terrific feeling to discover. 

there are no downsides to mini workouts

Studies have shown that there are no downsides to mini workouts, actually it's quite the opposite. Research has demonstrated that short, intense workouts are better for fat loss. The next time that life gets in the way of your fitness, you now have a new tool and greater options to stay consistent and on track. It’s important to remember that your daily workout goes beyond just your body transformation goals. You count on your workouts to mitigate stress, which helps maintain your diet and sleep patterns and has a cascading effect on the quality of your whole life. Reach for mini workouts when you need them, they are under the category ‘Quick HIITs’ on BodyRockPlus.com.




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I am glad to see you posting images of women in all stages of fitness in your marketing but I would appreciate seeing less of a twenty year olds fat free body demonstrating exercises . It’s completely intimidating and I’m fit!!

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