Resolution Burn-Out: BodyRock’s Sylvie Shares the ONLY Promise You Need to Make Yourself in 2020

Disinterested at best. Straight up hostile at worst. This about sums up the spectrum for how many of us feel about New Year's resolutions--especially fitness new year's resolutions. 

Should you set a new year's resolution? 

That depends on where your feelings fall on that spectrum. If you find setting this goal helpful, then, by all means, do it. Goal setting is a great way to see results you want, whether they're for your body or your life. 

However, if you feel suffocated under the enormity of making a resolution for the entire year ahead, you're not alone. A lot of people feel this way, and if this is the case, don't make one. 

Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to become a happier, healthier person. It just means you don't need to do it because of (and, ultimately, arbitrary) calendar change. 

Take it from BodyRock Trainer, amateur boxer and cancer survivor Sylvie D--every single day is an opportunity to change. 

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So should you set a new year’s resolution? 

Here’s Sylvie’s message to her BodyRock #FitFam about new year’s resolutions.

“Every day, every year, the goal is the same: Make yourself better.

I would suggest taking some time to reflect on your 2019 year. Write down your accomplishments AND the 3 top goals you want to get better at in 2020.

Take it step-by-step by incorporating newer habits or better your habits.

Measure your progress! That would be my best tip. If you want to lose weight, for example, focus on a new nutrition plan and check every four weeks to see how it works for you.”

Check out our nutrition guides and meal plans for help. From low-carb to plant-based to guides for intermittent fasting, we have the nutritional support you need to crush your goals. 

“If you want to grow a certain area of your body, take measurements and find a new workout plan and track every four weeks.

Checking in every month will show you your progress and if something needs to be modified then you can make a change.

In order to crush it, make yourself accountable to something (a plan) or to someone (share your goals with a friend) so you know that if you have committed to something, you need to go all the way!

Create a new routine to implement on a daily basis to stay consistent and focused on your goal to reach.

Get inspiration from other people who have similar goals than you and how they stay on track (i.e. a work model).”

Join your #FitFam on the BodyRock Insiders Group. Stay motivated. Accountable. And, most of all, stay together. 

“Practice meditation or gratitude once a day (excellent in the morning) to start your day stress-free.

Feed your mind with positive thoughts, videos, podcasts.

Be around people that will keep you motivated, that respect your goals and encourage you to keep going.

Go through your day and respect the plan you have made for yourself.

And remember: check in every 4 weeks and reward yourself for every accomplishment!

Time flies the next thing you know, you’ll have reached your goal!”

So, should you set a new year's resolution? 

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