Rock Hard Truths: BodyRock Insiders Share How They Got Their Amazing Abs!

Our public social feeds don't even tell half the story when it comes to showcasing the amazing, fit, strong and sexy as hell physiques of our #fitfam. The bulk of the action happens in our BodyRock Insiders Group on Facebook. This closed group is open to anyone who wants to find a safe, supportive and compassionate place to share the triumphs and struggles that come with pursuing fitness with purpose, passion and, of course, the imperfection that's part of being human.

To kick off Core Week here at BodyRock, we thought we'd show case the amazing abdominals of our Insiders Group. The purpose, aside from giving props to some of our hardworking BodyRockers, was to showcase fit tummies in a variety of strong, stunning incarnations. We also planned to have each featured member to give their top tips on how they achieved their enviable abs--but here's the thing: as the answers started coming in, they were all the same. 

That's right. Every single answer focused around three fundamental truths about getting abs of steel.

1) Focus on the WHOLE body—not just the abs. You can't spot train to reduce fat in one particular area. You have to lose fat while simultaneously gaining lean muscle all over your body to build a solid core. This means loading up for cleans and presses, wearing a weighted vest to smash out burpees, and consistently pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with high intensity, load bearing exercises. 

2) You don't have to workout every day for hours. Most of the people featured here only train with us 3-5 days a week for anywhere from 12 to 45 minutes. The other days, they do steady state cardio, yoga or enjoy their well-earned rest days. The commonality is consistency over time. And not just a couple of weeks or months. Years. It takes years, people. So be patient. 

3) To see your abs, you have to eat pretty damn clean. The general rule of thumb says 80% clean food, and that is true for some people, but for others it's slightly less or more. How much depends on factors like genetics, existing muscle mass, lifestyle and activity level, but the fact remains that all of the members here have a healthy understanding of how to eat a nutritious, balanced diet that fuels their bodies for their workouts, while also allowing them to stay lean.

And that's it. 

We're serious.

None of these people have access to any secret intel you don't have: this is really all it takes to get your best abs. Total body resistance-based high-intensity training. Consistency over time. Patience. And a mostly clean diet. 

So, let's celebrate these beautiful people and their strong bodies! Leave a comment to show support! Share this blog. And, of course, join the BodyRock Insiders Group!


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