Say Bye-Bye Bumps with Lisa-Marie’s Easy 3-Step Anti-Cellulite Regimen!

The things Lisa-Marie does for her #FitFam! In a bare-all Live session on Instagram, BodyRock host Lisa-Marie stripped down to her skivvies and shared her three-step anti-cellulite regimen with her legions of followers. It was super informative, hilarious, and  — if you ask Lisa-Marie — maybe a little embarrassing, but that's why it was also refreshing real. No one is flawless, and all the self-confidence in the world cannot completely decimate another equal and opposing aspect of the human condition: namely, self-doubt.

In other words, no matter how fit and fabulous we are, we all have things we don't really like about ourselves. Accepting that there are some of things we simply cannot change (i.e. genetically predetermined elements like height, body type, how and where we build muscle and store fat), there are things we can change  — things that before we perhaps thought impossible to change. Things like cellulite.

What is cellulite?

Fat, friends! Cellulite is fat that is being pushed up through the connective tissues beneath the skin. These tissues, or septa, are connected in a honeycomb formation, so when the fat protrudes through the tissues, you get that cottage cheese look.

For about 98% women, cellulite is an unavoidable fact of life. Genetics can make it more predominant in some of us but just about every woman has it. That's right. Almost. Every. Single. Damn. One. Photoshop, camera angles and spray tanning can do wonders to hide it, but it's there. Hiding under the surface. One of the reasons it plagues women more than men is because women have thinner skin, and therefore, more of the lumps and bumps of fat show through. Also, men have higher collagen density, so the skin is less likely to show imperfection. And another thing: women have more estrogen, which causes more fat storage.

It isn’t fair, but thankfully, you can work against these natural limitations with Lisa-Marie's Anti-Cellulite Regime. It takes less than 10 minutes, and will dramatically decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Wait, but Lisa-Marie doesn't have cellulite!

Uh, not anymore! "I've been doing this regime every day religiously for seven months," she says. "And I've seen amazing results."

When to do it: Lisa-Marie does this in the morning before her shower, but  — like finding time for any routine — the best time to do it is a time that works for you.

Ready to try Lisa-Marie's anti-cellulite routine for yourself? Then let's get started.

You'll need:

A firm, dry brush, like this one.

A round massage brush, like this one.

Cupping cups, like these ones.

Optional: Baby oil.

Step 1: Dry Brush

First, grab your dry brush and dry brush all of your legs and butt using a firm (but not aggressive) upward motion. Count to 50 on each side and be sure to get your inner thighs, butt and under-bum. Be aware that your legs and bum will look a little red  — that's because you're getting your blood flowing.

Lisa-Marie recommends a firm, dry brush for best results. "It may burn at first," she says. "But your skin will get used to it."

Lisa-Marie's tip: "I do this first thing in the morning. It helps give my lymph nodes moving."

Step 2: Massage Brush

Next, massage your legs and butt with the massage brush in circular motions. Again, be mindful to do all of your legs and bum, paying particular attention to any trouble spots. 50 each side will be enough.

Lisa-Marie's tip: "I put body oil on the brush to help it move more smoothly."

Step 3: Cupping

Cupping is a method of suction massage that uses small, specially designed cups to ease and treat muscle/joint pain and promote blood flow and well-being. Cupping has been used for centuries, and more recently, has gained traction as a remarkably effective way to smooth out cellulite.

Place your cup on your skin (residual baby oil will help you do this and move the cup more smoothly). You can create suction and release suction by lifting up one side, like you would to open Tupperware. Just be aware, the harder you press, the more suction you will get. "Start gently at first," Lisa-Marie recommends, "and then work your way up to greater intensity. Just don't hold it in place or you will bruise."

Again, be sure to get all your legs and butt, and be sure to use circular motions of different sizes to really work the fat deposits around and smooth them out. Again, count out 50 on each side.

Lisa-Marie's tip: "You can do this in front of the TV, or get a partner to do it. Also, cupping is an amazing way to help you recover from leg day!"

Wait! Before you cup, let’s go through a few warnings, courtesy of BodyRocker and Licenced Massage Therapist, Alyssa.

“I use cupping in my practice and I just wanted to inform everyone of safety precautions to take as well as some tips. First, here’s a picture of areas to avoid cupping. Cupping is also contraindicated for anyone who is on blood thinners, with heart disease, hemophilia, varicose veins, DVT, cancers/ undergoing cancer treatments, recent surgeries, or for anyone who bruises easily. Avoid areas with broken bones, dislocations, hernias, slip discs, skin tags and raised moles. Please check with your doctor before using cupping if you have extremes in your blood pressure, are diabetic or pregnant. Avoid cupping within four hours of shaving, exfoliating and after sunburns.

Specifically, while practicing Lisa’s cupping technique be mindful not to cup behind the knees and not to close to the femoral artery/nerve (up around your hip flexors). If you want to cup in the shower, I would turn off the water because the cups need lubricant to maintain suction and if the water is continuously washing away the oil, you will need to continuously re-apply oil to continue. Your cups will be very stiff at first and you might need to use 2 hands to get good suction, but over time, the silicone will become more flexible and they will be easier to use. Start slow. At the beginning use light pressure and gradually increase pressure and length of time you use the cups for. After several strokes in different directions on your muscles, as Lisa showed, you will visibly see an increase in blood circulation (redness). I would advise that right before you finish, apply a few very light strokes from your knee up to you hip either with the cups or your hand (pressure being about as light as you would to apply lotion) to help drain your lymph to you inguinal lymph nodes at the hip flexor. Please remember that his cellulite treatment will only work with consistent daily practice but the cupping will help anytime with general muscle soreness, tightness and pain.”

That's it! Within a couple months, you will see results if you use this routine daily. "As with your training or diet, success happens when you are consistent over a long period of time," Lisa-Marie says, "So stick with it!I promise you will see incredible results!"

And remember, diet and exercise DO also play a role in cellulite. So, drink lots of water, eat clean, and exercise regularly. Join us at and get your first 30 days FREE, no risk!


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