Seeking Consistent Results?

It’s something you’ve heard. It sounds so simple, so basic, that it’s easy to dismiss off hand. 
The key to achieving your fitness goals comes down to one thing. Consistency. 

Consistency will move you forward. How consistent you are will determine the speed and velocity of how quickly you will arrive at what you want. 

Consistency is key. Consistency against resistance. Physical and mental. 

The truth is that the exercising - the 20 minutes our workouts take 3-5 times per week, is not the hard part. Our 30 day Beginner Bootcamp challenge is designed to get people up and started again. When you sign up for the FREE 30 days, you will be applying consistency for 30 days to start you off towards getting a solid exercise routine in place. You will experience consistency against resistance both physically and mentally. 

On the physical side, you will experience consistency against resistance in the form of a bit of discomfort as you start to really move again. The program is designed for people who haven’t worked out in years - if this is you, then the movements will be challenging - but always doable. You might be a bit stiff and sore for the first day or two. As you complete each days video, your body will loosen up, your muscles will get stronger, you will start to move with more power. As you follow the meal plan  and complete each days exercises you will start to lose weight and feel better in your body. If you wear the weighted vest that our trainer wears in the videos, you will add weight resistance - adding weight to your movements will burn more fat & calories and turn your workout into resistance training - one of the best ways to burn fat and torch calories. Consistency against physical resistance will make you stronger, faster, fitter - everything we strive for our physical well being. 

Being consistent mentally is about keeping a positive attitude, not beating yourself up if you miss a workout or three, and allowing yourself the room to be human. 

Every single one of us as self-sabotaged, or gotten 75% of the way there then thrown ourselves down a flight of stairs. So what. Are you still striving? Do you still have fight in you? Do you care about yourself and your loved ones enough to say ‘no way’ to a mediocre life? If it’s a yes to any of these, then you have what it takes to stay consistent.

If you are like me, you will always have to go a few mental rounds with yourself before any workout begins. Most of the time overcoming the procrastination is harder than the physical effort that the workout requires. This fight is normal. It won’t hold you back from making gains as long as your win-loss record is 51-50. Work on getting that up, even just a few points, and the success train starts to chug along a bit faster. 

The truth is, once you hold this basic awareness about consistency, it actually becomes more effort to fail than succeed. Once you start to apply consistency both physically and mentally, you won’t accept anything less than the results this simple tactic guarantee. 

The Beginner Bootcamp is now accepting people who want the amazing results consistency delivers. It’s FREE to try for 30 days but spaces for this challenge are limited so sign up now.  

From the heart,

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