Shakira stays in shape at 45 by working out six days a week and eating high-protein meals.

Shakira works really hard to keep in shape and live a healthy lifestyle even when she isn't preparing for things like stadium concerts and her demanding performance schedule. 

Aside from more activity (i.e. a lot of dance rehearsals), her fitness routine remains the same as it has been for years. Here's how she manages to stay in such great shape at 45 years old.

Shakira trains six days a week.

 Anna Kaiser, Shakira's personal trainer and close friend, has revealed the singer's physical exercise routine after her diehard fans requested to know how Shakira stays in shape. "Every day is different," she explained to E! News, "because I want to make sure I'm preparing her not just for her concerts and performances, but for her to be able to handle anything physical (without stress or injury) each day as it arrives - it’s about keeping her strong and capable." Her routine varies according to the physical demands of the next workweek. "We focused on an short strength based workout in the morning (using mostly body weight and her 6lb weighted training vest and ‘old school’ ankle weights which she has a ‘love / hate’ relationship with because they take her workout to the next level and really ups the burn. She had a fairly long dance practise in the afternoon yesterday," Kaiser explained. "She had even longer days of physical dancing rehearsals on some days, so she merely started with something short: 10-15 minutes." To understand why 10-15 minutes of daily exercise is enough to get you in the best shape of your life, check out this article. 

She likes her workouts ‘fresh’.  

When she has time on other days, she undertakes more intensive workouts designed by Kaiser. They can range from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or circuit training, but the most effective workouts tend to be HIIT mixed with resistance and strength training.  "It's critical for both your mind and your body to alter up your workouts on a regular basis so that you stay focused, don't get bored, and have a workout that's going to work for you that day for what you need to do that day," Shakira prefers to do a new workout routine each day, and keeping things fresh and new each day helps to keep her motivated and engaged in her fitness. Studies have show that people with access to programs that are appropriate for their level of fitness (they are at the right intensity level and won’t overwhelm them) and are non-repeating (‘fresh’ / new workouts  each day) are significantly more likely to be successful at reaching their fitness goals. 

Try a Shakira style HIIT / Resistance workout - at a beginner level. 

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Shakira tracks her fitness. 

Wearing an activity tracker is another great fitness tip that Shakira endorses. "It's critical to know if your body is changing, if you're seeing results, and how hard you're working in class," Kaiser told Shape. 

She limits screen time until her fitness routine is complete. 

She doesn't switch on her phone until she's finished with her morning routine.
Her trainer also inspired her to do this on a daily basis. In an Instagram video, the mother of two said, "Kaiser won't allow me turn on my phone until I finish my workout and spend time with my kids." Kaiser told E! News that the task is difficult for her.

She prioritizes her wellness. 

Her trainer explains, "She's producing new music videos, releasing new music, and she's still very involved with her Colombian charitable schools." There are simply too many things going on at the same time. She's also a mother with children who she wants to spend time with. There are simply insufficient hours in the day. As a result, we must refocus. Find strategies to refocus, realign, and strive to be present."


Shakira’s fitness requires constant personal dedication.  

 Shakira has to constantly adjust and refocus to keep her fitness goals a priority in her busy life. This ongoing challenge to ‘make it all work’ is something all women (and particularly mothers) are challenged with. It’s revealing that even with all the perks of fame and fortune, Shakira has to constantly recalibrate her time and dedication to make it work. 

She follows a Meal Plan. 

Throughout the day, she eats small meals based on a meal plan that prioritizes fresh, whole foods, snacks and deserts. 
Kaiser has spoken with a number of sites about Shakira’s diet, giving a variety of options that all follow the same basic plan: small, nutrient-dense meals keep her full throughout the day. Following a Meal Plan provides Shakira with a healthy ‘framework’ that ensures that she’s eating the right foods, in the right portion sizes to support her fitness and wellness goals. 

She prefers ‘real food’. 

"She's excellent about it in general," Kaiser remarked, "but she'll treat herself." "It's critical to maintain a sense of balance. It's also crucial to have those moments where you're permitted to cheat once in a while." Kaiser prepares meals and snacks for Shakira's work days based on her ‘quick prep’ Meal Plan cookbook with the help of her chef during the week. According to Shape, the musician dislikes taking supplements and prefers to meet her nutritional requirements by eating real food. 

Lunch is cold. Dinner is hot. 

"For breakfast, eggs or avocado with olive oil, tomato, and sea salt, followed by a smoothie with berries, plant protein, and greens" Kaiser told E! News. "Then for lunch, we have fish with fresh veggies or a colourful salad." She'll also prepare fish or chicken and vegetables for dinner. Lunch is frequently cold, and dinner is usually warm."

If that routine becomes too monotonous, they'll switch to pork chops, a favourite of Shakira's. "Pork chops aren't my favourite dish, but she enjoys them," Kaiser explained. "There will be dark chocolate on occasion, like a truly pure dark chocolate with little to no sugar."

At 45, Shakira's Abs and Legs look sculpted in a Sheer Bodysuit on the Set of Her New Music Video.  

The Bottom Line on Shakira’s Diet & Fitness. 

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