Skip It: 5 Benefits of Skipping

Thought skipping was just for kids? Wrong. In fact, it’s insanely good for your health and fun AF. Why spend your time grinding on the treadmill or pedalling on the bike when you can literally do something that takes you back to your childhood, while reaping the fantastic health benefits? Keep reading to find out exactly why skipping should become an integral part of your workouts, starting yesterday.

  1. HIIT and Cardio

There’s no denying that cardio is good for your health. And boy, does skipping give you cardio! In fact, you’d have to run an eight-minute mile to burn more calories than simply jumping rope. Plus, you can easily make it into a fat-blasting HIIT workout that does wonders for your heart health and slims you down. To kick your workout into HIIT gear, alternate 20 seconds of intense jump rope with 10 seconds of rest and doing this for eight rounds using your HIIT timer. It might sound easy, but trust us, your body will feel like jelly afterwards!

  1. Full Body Toning

We love efficient workouts that hit more than one muscle group at once and skipping actually gives you full-body toning that’s hard to beat. It obviously helps sculpt your legs from jumping up and down, but also gives your arms a pretty solid workout from holding and swinging the ropes. Plus, your abs are kicking in to keep you balanced, help absorb the shock of landing, and help you shoot up for each jump. You’re going to feel this one all over the next day, for the delicious soreness that means you’ve worked hard.

Need help getting the hang of skipping? Opt for a weighted speed rope, which will help you better control the rotations and bounds while also torching even more calories and giving your muscles more of a challenge.  

  1. Builds Coordination

If you haven’t skipped since you were a kid, it’s going to be tough. But that’s a good thing. You want your workout to test your coordination, challenging your mind-body connection to make it even stronger. Skipping builds your awareness of your body, which is only going to help with your overall fitness and with other types of workouts, especially as you get older.

  1. Affordable and Portable

You don’t need a fancy gym membership to get a great workout in. In fact, the entirety of your equipment needs could fit in your purse and can cost less than $100 – making it the perfect workout for travelling, at-home exercise, and those who are budget-conscious. Plus, if you have little kiddies that demand your attention, you can get a quality workout in while spending time with them by skipping as a family – they’ll get a blast out of skipping with you, and you can work up to some pretty gnarly Double Dutch combos!

  1. Low Impact

When done properly, jumping rope is actually much easier on your joints than other cardio-intense exercises, like running and jogging. When you’re walking or running, you naturally absorb most of the impact in your heels, but when you’re skipping you absorb most of the impact in your body’s natural shock absorbers by staying high on the toes and keeping the stress of your joints.

There’s no doubt about it: skipping is a fantastic workout with so many benefits to your health. And just for today we are offering 20% off on our amazing BodyRock Weighted Speed Rope with code SKIPIT. So Hop on this deal now and plant the seeds of your summer body in spring. Shop here.

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