Stay Accountable: BodyRockers Share How They Do It

We’re celebrating our community this week by giving a shout-out to our BodyRockers who are crushing their fit goals. We also want to give support to our fitfam who may be struggling a lot, or just a little. It happens: it’s part of life. Fitness is not a pinnacle that you reach and maintain--it’s a constantly fluctuating state. Sometimes, you’re on an upswing, and sometimes, you lose momentum. Regardless, you can mitigate the ups and downs with a few, powerful strategies. 

That’s why we’re sharing these tips on how to stay accountable — and not from some nameless source on the internet, but from other people, just like you, with lives and jobs and responsibilities outside of the gym. 

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BodyRockers Share Their Tips on How to Stay Accountable


I love early morning workouts. I get everything ready the night before and then as soon as my alarm goes off, I have no excuse but to get up and get it done. It feels great to get it out of the way and no procrastinating!

-Paula C. 



I’m all about the calendar. The workout is on there. It’s non negotiable. I show up and work no matter what. I never regret a workout I did! In addition I workout with a group twice a week. That’s the best: holds you accountable, it’s fun, keeps me creative with the workouts.

-BodyRock Trainer Beth ‘Bethercize’ 

My tips:
-Post a calendar somewhere you will see it regularly and track your workouts (master bathroom for me).

-Find people doing same workouts/challenge as you to be accountability partners

-Post regularly and tag trainers - the positive feedback is so motivating!

-Take pics and videos - more for yourself than anything else. Nothing shows progress like photo evidence

-Take your measurements every few months. Sometimes you can’t see how much progress you’ve made in the mirror but the tape measure won’t lie.

-Get family/friends on the same page. Even if they don’t join your commitment to making a change, once they embrace it your life becomes easier (thinking dietary changes and workout scheduling).

-Tracy M


To keep my diet on track,  I use a food app to track my meals/calories/macros intake. To stay accountable with my workouts, I also use a daily calendar and I take pictures.

-Sandera O

“Consistent times to workout help me.  I like working out first thing in the morning: it’s done early and gives me energy throughout my day. Meal prepping, no guessing and wasting energy on what I’m going to eat that day also helps. It’s such a time saver.”

-J-Bel R.


“I just remind myself that time is going to pass whether I workout or not. So I can either workout while the time passes and feel awesome afterwards (I’ve never regretted a workout!! ) or I can let time pass and not workout and regret it and continue to regret it because skipping a workout leads to finding excuses to skip the next one and the next one after that until you fall back into that pattern of not working out anymore. Also, take before pics so you can see how your body slowly transforms itself!”

-Jodi M.D.

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