Stop Hating: Reminders of why you should love your body

Body image messages are everywhere, all around us. No matter who you are and what size you ‘use to be’, society is there to remind us that there are changes to be made. Even celebrities and your favorite role-models wake-up and wonder whether they are ‘good enough’ to meet the requirements for these impossible standards of beauty.

Age, gender, and weight do not discriminate when it comes to self-doubt. We’re all humans and no one is impermeable to insecurity. What we have to focus is on is positivity, and to harnesses our desires and goals and put them in to action.

Re-Assess Your Definition Of Beauty

In the digital world of Instagram perfection it’s hard not to ask, “How come I can’t look like that?” without taking in to account the post-edit that goes into photography. Photoshop, filters, and apps to transform your booty all exist to make the fittest look even fitter -- sometimes leaving us green with envy. We are surrounded by magazines, ads, and billboards that re-affirm that this is what is perceived as beauty. The struggle is real -- and while it’s hard to remain objective in all of this - we’ve got to remind ourselves that none of it is what it appears to be. The worst part is that when we see celebrities we look up to, we point out what we are missing instead of the wonderful similarities. Do we really need another generation of women growing up thinking they have to have a flat belly and a thigh gap to be successful in life? There is so much more to consider than your body when it comes to standards of beauty.

An Exercise In Self-Worth

Guess what? You’re good enough!  Stop focusing on what is missing in your life and remember to be grateful for everything you’ve done and everything you’ll be. Each person has their own ideas of what the ‘perfect’ person looks like, and depending on the individual, that definition will wildly vary.  Start looking inward and realize that every decision you make is by you and for you. Every day is a chance to remind yourself how awesome you have the potential to be. 

Big Or Little, Make Note Of The Accomplishments You’ve Made

Do you set goals for yourself? How often are you re-visiting the list because you lost focus or became overwhelmed by the challenge of change? We’re our own worst enemies when it comes to committing to the actions we hold ourselves accountable for. Many hide behind helping others first before they concentrate on their own goals, which leaves us spread thin and in the same place we started -- even though we’ve supported people we care about in getting ahead.

The first thing you need to do is celebrate how far you’ve come, your personal journey that has lead you to today, and set goals that are manageable and not too lofty. Acknowledge the efforts you have made and make note of every single accomplishment, big or small.

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Love, love real time workouts with cardio (love skipping) and strength training. So many options for weighted jump ropes out there. I see you have no inventory for jump ropes. Would you have any suggestions for one??? Thank you!!! Love you guys!!!!

Cathie February 17, 2018

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