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May 03, 2019 4 min read 2 Comments

Don't let anyone fool you: the secret to fat loss isn't that difficult. You've got to build muscle.

That's it.That’sthe most powerful secret to long-lasting fat loss.Howyou go about building muscle, however, is the difference between scoring serious lean gains, and only seeing puny payoff for all your sweat.

Strength Training for Major Fat Loss

First, you need to eat for strength training. While cutting calories can certainly be a part of fat loss, it can also be a part of muscle loss, when done to extreme or incorrectly. You need to consumeenough of your macros (fats, carbs and proteins) to support muscle, and often, when people go on restrictive diets, they do not get enough of one, two or all of these macros. And here's the thing: the more muscle you have, the less fat you have. A pound of muscle needs more energy to be sustained than a pound of fat, and people with more muscle simply have less fat because their bodies eat up more of the energy (i.e.) they consume, so less is stored as fat.

Of course, this doesn't mean that people with loads of muscle can eat whatever they want, but you can bet your ass they aren't starving themselves. They're eating a load of good, (mostly)clean food. And they're looking and feeling sexy and strong as hell.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

First, let's make one crucial distinction: weight loss and fat loss are not necessarily the same thing. When you lose weight, you could be losing fat to be sure, but you could also be losing muscle. However, when you strength train, any weight loss is almost guaranteed to be fat  — though you may not experience a dramatic drop in weight, depending on how much fat you had to lose to begin with. Because muscle is denser than fat (i.e. takes up less room), you could slim down and lose little to no weight. Your dense muscle mass is simply replacing the more flabby fat mass.

The Best Kind of Strength Training for Fat Loss

Any strength training will help your body burn more fat, but the best strength training you can do for fat loss is resistance-basedhigh-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT uses short, intense bursts of exercise followed to shorter periods of rest to torch fat while building major muscle. HIIT sessions usually range for 12 minutes to 30 minutes, so you can get a great workout in a relatively short period of time. What's more, you don't need a loads of equipment, but if you want lean muscle gains, you will want at least a few choice pieces.

Our top recommendation for heavy-hitting, heavy-lifting resistance training? TheBodyBar. This next-level bar can be loaded with up to 90lbs of weight and features 8-locking grips which allow the handles to rotate so you can hit all the major muscle groups, as well as all those troublesome, hard to reach nooks and crannies. This means you can use theBodyBar for a variety of multi-joint compound movements that build muscle in many groups (e.g. squats, lat pullovers, lunges) or, you can use it for isolated training where you hone in on one muscle group.

For optimal gains, you need to incorporate both kinds of movements into your training. After all, along with nutrition,consistency and adequate rest, exercise variety is a tenant of strength training. Thankfully, with HIIT, you can achieve exercise variety easily and quickly. Let's take a look atBodyBar in action to see how the versatility of theBodyBar helps build incredible head-to-toe lean muscle gains.

Overhead Press + Curl with Hammer Grip

This move works your shoulders, biceps and triceps, so you're getting an incredible multi-muscle upper body workout to help you lean out up top.

The hammer grip means that when you curl, you are targeting your outer biceps -- a notoriously difficult spot to train when you're doing curls with standard barbell.


Overhead Press + Curl with 45 Grip

This move is almost the same as the move above, except the grip: the 45 degree grip means you target your inner biceps more. You still work your shoulders and triceps as you push up, but since your grip is turned out slightly, you nail often neglected regions of your biceps.

Let's look at how theBodyBar hones in on some other tough-to-train spots.


3 Grips: Front Raise + Overhead Tricep Extension

Muscles worked in this exercise include shoulders, biceps, and thanks to the underhand grip, you nail the outer of the three triceps.

Now, change the move slightly to a hammer grip, and you hone in on your middle tricep.

Switch it up one more time and change the grip to an overhand grip and you get the innermost triceps.

See?TheBodyBar can easily replace all other kinds of barbells and target extremely difficult to train muscle groups to increase overall muscle mass as well as functional strength.

Overhand Row vs. Underhand Row vs. Hammer Row

Overhand rows work your traps, rhomboids and upper back. The underhand row, on the other hand, target more of your lats and your biceps.

The hammer row, which is usually impossible to do with a barbell, zeros in on your middle back  — a notoriously difficult place to train.

Listen.We didn’t design the BodyBar to be a gimmick: we designed it to be a solution. 8 locking grips means hundreds of unique training possibilities for unparalleled strength in numbers. Train smarter, faster, and better and enjoy living your beautiful life in your leaner, fitter, fiercer body. See the results for yourself. Bring home yourBodyBar today.

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Iraida Otero

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May 04, 2019

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