Take your home workouts to the next level

If you are looking to take your core training to the next level, or you just haven’t seen the type of changes you are looking for, there are some really effective weighted exercises that can up your game. 

If you haven’t achieved the results you are looking for then it’s likely you need to switch up your approach to sculpting your mid-section. The best advice I can give you to propel really noticeable changes - especially by summer - is to get some weights involved in your training. Lifting will change you faster than literally anything. 

I’ve put together 8 of my absolute favourite exercises that use our BodyRock Sculpt Bar and Dumbbells to target the abs, core and love handles areas. Most of these exercises have the added bonus of targeting other areas of the body, so you are only going to see those changes faster. It’s just a smarter way to train, because you are getting more out of each movement. 

In this video I've shared tips for each exercise and taken you through proper form so you get the best results. 
Also, and this is just crazy insane, but if you guys pick up one of our Sculpt Bars and weight sets, I will send you my Dumbbells and 30lbs of weight plates absolutely FREE. It’s crazy insane how great that deal is, and someone is going to come to their senses soon, so grab your FREE Dumbbells today and let’s get you in the best shape of your life for summer. 

So to recap - check out the video above where I will teach you some awesome moves so that you can start getting in the best shape of your life in time for this summer. We can get there together. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Lisa xo


Wow! Great routine! I can’t wait to try all 8 ab exercises! I’m also excited about the free dumbbells offer!

Isenia Wilkinson May 30, 2019

Awesome have to try those exercises

David May 30, 2019

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