Tally Out: Why We Don't Post Macros

If you've ever scrolled the recipes in our blogsInstagram or Facebook page, you've probably noticed a fair number of commenters asking for calorie counts and macro breakdowns. And yet, we don't provide the people with the numbers. What's up with this? Why aren't we giving the people what they ask for?  

There are actually a couple reasons that we're holding out, and they both boil down to a single core belief of the BodyRock philosophy: simple works best. Oh sure, we come up with some crazy exercises in our Sweatflix workouts that may look anything but simple, but at their heart, they are designed to follow a very simple workout edict: challenge breeds change. And just like you've got to do new moves to see new changes, you've got to try new mindsets to see new results.

Hence, why we generally tend to shun the trend of tallying your life into numbers: into exact steps, into precise caloric burn, into minute grams of protein, fats and carbs. It's exhausting, and really, trying to find time to get in your workouts, eat as clean as possible and get enough rest in your already overloaded life is exhausting enough. Why add macro counting to the list of things you have to worry about  — or worse, obsess over. Food should be a source of joy and comfort: it should not be something about which you stress, and all too often, for so many of us, it is...and we’re trying to move away from that.

If you’ve picked up our new Fast and Furiously Fit Ebook, you may have noticed there’s nary a macro number in sight. Sure, we educate you about macros and each of our over 40 meals, snacks and desserts has a serving size, but you won’t see the number of calories, fats, proteins or carbs listed. Not once. It’s not necessary. Every recipe is clean and the guide teaches you how to eat a balanced diet, so you don’t need to know the numbers. Hell, we don’t know the numbers, and we’re still looking pretty good.

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But isn't knowing your macro intake good?

Yes, of course. You absolutely need to have an idea of how much of each macronutrient you need to eat each day to support your energy needs, reach your goals and live healthfully. We are not contesting this. But you can get a handle on your macros without painstakingly accounting for the exact value of every single thing you eat. There's no need to chain yourself (and your perceived dietary success or failure any given day) to strict numbers. The truth is, if at least 80% of your diet is made up of a variety of clean, whole foods, you will likely already be eating the right amount of each macro every day. No need to stress.

Variety, of course, is the operative word there. As healthy as an apple is, for example, you can't have a disproportionate amount of your daily nutrients coming from apples or even fruit in general. You need more healthy fats, more protein.

Understanding Proportionate Eating

So while you don't need to know the numbers of every food you eat, you should have a general idea of what percentage of your diet should come from fats, proteins and carbs. We've written an entire guide on it here, and it's a short, sweet and super helpful read that explains how to easily get a feel for your macro requirements.

The Second Part

But we said the reason we don't provide macros was two-fold, right? Well, here's the second fold: our recipes are open for interpretation. If you've ever watched Chef Sean in action, you'll see he gives options and adjustments to account for allergies and preferences. We do the same thing in our recipes, and because of these variables, we couldn't give you an accurate macro measurement if we tried.

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Listen, if you love counting and don’t feel bogged down by the numbers, more power to you. Our recipes are super clean, so you can easily tally up the macros if you wish using a free online tool like Calorie King. But for everyone else who wants to be liberated from a life of counting, your best bet is to educate yourself on your optimal daily macro ratios, and ensure your diet is comprised mainly of healthy foods. If you do this, the results will be in the bag -- no counting required.

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