If You're Feeling Hopeful Today, Thank A Nurse!

Tuesday, May 12 is International Nurses Day. In our lifetimes, there hasn't been a more important day to take some time to thank Nurses and Frontline Workers.

Imagine going to work, knowing you couldn't go home to see your kids for weeks. Imagine dealing with 20 times the usual rate of illness, death and stress that you would encounter in a typical day. Imagine not being able to take a day off, week after week.

On top of this, imagine knowing that the world is relying on the very people who are MOST likely to get sick...and very sick.

Frontline Workers Get Sicker Than Us

For several weeks, it has become clear that Frontline workers are actually more at risk than most of us who are staying at home and away from the sick. The key concept here has to do with "viral load." As COVID-19 has spread across the globe, research has been slow to follow. We started to see in April that healthy, active and relatively young Emergency Responders, Doctors and Nurses wound up on ventilators or worse, and the concept of "viral load."

Dr Willem van Schaik, Professor in Microbiology and Infection at the University of Birmingham, has said: "On the basis of previous work on SARS and MERS coronaviruses, we know that exposure to higher doses are associated with a worse outcome and this may be likely in the case of Covid-19 as well. This means that health care workers that care for Covid-19 patients are at a particularly high risk as they are more likely to be exposed to a higher number of viral particles, particularly when there is a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE)."

In a nutshell, the more of the virus you are exposed to, the sicker you get.

This explains why lots of people throughout the world are wearing masks and gloves, even in their own homes. If you can reduce the viral load in the air and in our respiratory systems, we are giving each other a fighting chance.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

At the time we are writing this, there is hope throughout our country, and glimmers of hope throughout the world. Restaurants are opening up, which were the first thing to close here in our region. Schools are to open at the end of the month, and International flights are being booked to bring people home.

The world won't ever look the same, but we need to take a moment to acknowledge an undeniable truth:

Frontline Workers Have Given Us Hope

If you are at work today, reading this, or if you are thinking about the next few months differently, maybe even making some plans to see friends and family again, it is because our Frontline Workers have reacted, worked triple-shifts, stayed away from their families, changed their patterns, followed new protocols, and did what had to be done, every single day.

But they can't cope with 20 times the caseload with the same amount of personal protective gear. They are fighting this virus, and they are closing the gap between cases and recovery, but they can't do this without the support from funds such as this fund which goes to support the World Health Organization:


This is why we've decided to make a sizable donation to this fund, which will aid Frontline Workers across the world. A few hundred dollars here and there can't do much, but putting all of our donations into one pot that is now over $210M, that is when swift action can take place. Mass shipments can be purchased, and helicopters can be rented. Ventilator parts can be obtained and shipped to the hospitals that need it most.

For the entire day on May 12, 2020, we at BodyRock will do our part. On an average day, we see dozens of orders come through our store. On Tuesday, we expect hundreds of people will order through us, knowing that $5 of their purchase is going to support Frontline workers across the globe.

Help us help you get healthy, and help us grow the size of our donation, all in one go! All you have to do, is shop for yourself or someone you love today:


In addition, we have a specific bundle that is designed just to give Nurses and Frontline workers, and anyone who wishes to get in shape AND support the above global fund, a We Love Nurses Bundle. 

This bundle includes everything you need to feel inspired to stay HOME for your workouts, and stay STRONG through this crisis.




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I am a nurse and I had placed an order in February that I still have yet to receive?

Christina Winter-York May 12, 2020

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