The 11 Best Weight Loss Tips for 2022

Going into 2022, we are committed to supporting you guys with the best tips and strategies to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. 

At BodyRock, we don’t believe in fat-loss ‘secrets’ - we believe in proven, common sense, weight loss fundamentals. We know from experience that small changes can have massive impacts when they are applied consistently. One of our priorities for 2022 is focusing down on achievability, meaning doing workouts that are at the right level of intensity for where you currently are on your fitness journey, with exercises that are challenging but that you can actually complete. When you are moving your fitness and weight loss forward at the right level that’s dialed into where you are, you start to gain confidence, feelings for enjoyment and pleasure and of course, accomplishment. When was the last time that you felt that way about exercise? The same goes for your diet. At BodyRock, we believe that small, incremental changes can transform your life, that’s why we have put together this list of the most powerful small changes that you can make going into 2022. Read the list, and consider how you can start activating these tactics into your life and daily routine. Each of the following tips on their own has the power to propel your weight loss progress forward. Don’t be fooled, they are total game changers. Let’s get started. 

Eat Protein at Every Meal For Weight Loss

Eat protein at every meal. If there is one thing that all weight loss experts can agree on, it’s the importance of protein to weight loss. Protein keeps you feeling full for extended periods of time. Your body burns significantly more calories processing protein than it does metabolizing fats or carbs. Make sure that you have a palm sized serving of protein with every meal - it will keep your metabolism firing. Consider high quality, lean protein sources like chicken, turkey, ‘extra lean’ ground meats, eggs, low-fat dairy products and plant based sources of protein.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Don’t drink your calories. This is huge. Most of us consume hundreds of calories daily in the form of drinks without any consideration to the impacts its having on our health and waistlines. A flavoured coffee can have more calories than an entire meal, and that might just be the way you kick off your day on the way to work. Soda, rich Coffee’s, Alcohol, Fruit Juices, ‘Sports’ drinks are all loaded with sugar and excess calories that have little to no nutritional value. Make sure that your drinks are zero calorie, or better yet drink water. This tactic has the power to dramatically change the game for you. 

Try Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss

Try Intermittent Fasting. If you struggle with counting calories and eating the right foods, you can try our Intermittent Fasting Plan for women (make sure you don’t follow a plan for men by mistake) which shifts the focus away from what you are eating and places it instead on when you are eating it. We’ve seen this work incredibly well for people who really struggle to give up the foods that they love to eat. Our Intermittent Fasting plan comes with a Male & Female version, so that you can take the right approach and get the best results. You can check it out here. 

Healthy Work Snacks For Weight Loss

Be environmentally aware. This has nothing to do with climate change, and everything to do with knowing the pitfalls of certain environments that you find yourself in. If you know that work snacks typically consist of a box of assorted donuts, a bowl of candies, or a bag of cookies in the lunchroom, pack a healthy snack or have another food alternative ready so that you don’t fail. Don’t go into known situations where food pressures or not having an alternative choice might cause you to fail. Think about your day for 2 minutes before you leave the house so that you are prepared to make better choices. 

Resistance Training for Weight Loss

Add resistance to your workouts. Strength training combined with HIIT is the silver bullet to workout based fat loss. Nothing that you can do will beat this combination and deliver results faster. We’ve been building our workouts to encompass this winning formula since 2008, and since then we have helped tens of thousands of people get in the best shape of their lives at home. At BodyRock this is our Jam. Nothing makes us happier than blowing people's minds with workouts that actually change their bodies in a short period of time after they have spent years grinding away at the gym, or doing cardio and not getting the results they wanted. The problem that most people have is that they don’t know how to get started with Resistance and Strength Training, or that the workout programs that they try are just too advanced for someone that hasn’t exercised in a while. That’s why we built our Beginner Bootcamp series and our Intro to Strength workout series for people just starting back again to working out that need a refresher that won’t overwhelm them. Achievability, remember? Starting to exercise the right way at the right level will make working out something that you can achieve and enjoy. If that sounds like your vibe, you can get a full year of our workout programs, including the ones mentioned here for just $69 with code NY22. Come and give it a go. 

Walking for weight loss

Get your steps in. At BodyRock we aim for 10k steps a day as a baseline. It’s the foundation of all of the other movements and exercises that we might do in a day. We always aim for 10k steps, and even when we don’t get them in, we always try. Consistent walking is incredibly powerful when it comes to shedding stubborn body fat. Make it a daily goal to record 10k steps. Add a vest to turn any walking, hiking, biking or even household chores into strength training. It just works. 

Eat Vegetables for weight loss

Eat your vegetables. Make sure that you have a pile of mixed vegetables the size of your fist at every meal. Filling up with nutrient and fiber packed veggies that are low in calories will keep you healthy and feeling full. 

Practice Mindful Eating for Weight Loss

Slow down and practice ‘mindful eating’. Being mindful and present when you eat can help you better control your hunger, portion sizes and help prevent emotional overeating. Be with your food. Think about how each mouthful tastes. Take smaller, appreciative bites. Chew. It can take 20 minutes for your body to start feeling full. Don’t shovel in your food while watching TV or scrolling through social media. Give yourself the gift of enjoying the process of eating and remember that it’s not a race. 

Follow a weight loss plan

Follow a plan. If the success or failure of your diet comes down to you making random, snap decisions (usually when you are hungry), you are not going to be well positioned to make decisions that support your weight loss. Having a plan is like having a map to your desired destination - you are way more likely to get there following one. At BodyRock we have our standard BodyRock Meal Plan, Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for weight loss, and we have our Intermittent Fasting Plan for men and women. Both plans have helped thousands of people take control of their diets. Whatever plan you choose to follow, make sure that you are following something. We can’t stress this enough - don’t wander around on your own. 

Figure out your BMR

Figure out your BMR. Going into a daily calorie deficit (burning more calories than you eat) is a sure fire way to lose weight. To get there, you need to know what your Basal Metabolic Rate is (BMR). Your BMR consists of the calories that your body burns each day to keep your lights on, eyes blinking, organs functioning, and all the combined bodily functions that keep you alive. Think of your BMR as the amount of calories that your body would burn if you were at rest watching NetFlix for 24 hours. Once you are armed with this number, you can figure out how many calories that you can consume while maintaining a calorie deficit. It’s a good number to have in the back of your head, because it will help you be mindful of what you are consuming as you move through your day. There is a quick and handy BMR calculator here

Get 8 hours of sleep for weight loss

Get a solid 8 hours of sleep. We’ve been hammering this point a lot lately, but the honest truth is that this one is just so crucial to weight loss that we won’t ever leave it off the list. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep will totally derail your workouts and disrupt your ability to make healthy food choices. There is not much that you can do well when you are exhausted. Looking after your health and fitness is no exception. Get 8 hours a night. It’s life changing. 

The power in these small tactics and strategies will change your fitness and your life if you can dial them into your daily routine with consistency. Don’t aim for perfection, but look for the small daily wins that you can build on. This post is a prescription for massive, sustainable change in bite size steps, with realistic and achievable actions that you can take starting now. Print it off, post it, keep it with you. Revisit the list and see where you can make improvements. Start working out with us - the Beginner Bootcamp workout series is just 15-20 minutes a day, and it’s been build to help you achieve and enjoy fitness for the first time. Don’t forget to use the code NY22 to get the best deal possible. Drink zero calories! My god there is so much here that can change your life - it’s exciting! Now go and make changes. Make things better. You can do it!



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