The 20 Minute BodyRock Workout for Shredded Arms

If you want shredded, sexy arms, you're gonna have to train 'em 'til they feel like limp spaghetti—that's an undeniable truth of training any part of your body really, and it's one we embrace whole-heartedly here at BodyRock.  

  • Why THIS Workout Works: Fast-Twitch Training for Arms!
  • Recommended BodyRock Equipment 
  • The 20 Minute BodyRock Workout for Shredded Arms
  • Sweatflix Shredded Arm Workout Playlist

Why THIS Workout Works: Fast-Twitch Training for Arms!

The thing you need to know about arm workouts in particular, however, is that most of your arm muscle fibres are fast twitch, which respond better to training at lower reps with heavier loads. This means doing 100 standard bodyweight push-ups may be impressive and it will certainly help you toward getting a stronger upper body (and core for that matter), but this feat won't help you get the sculpted arms you’re after. To do that, you need to lift hard, lift heavy and aim for a 12 rep max. By your final set, you may only be able to squeak out 8 reps. THIS is the level and intensity of training that will help you get seriously shredded arms, and it’s the principle behind this BodyRock workout. 

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Recommended BodyRock equipment:

Core Bands
Weighted Vest 
Step Riser

The 20 Minute BodyRock Workout for Shredded Arms

Bodyrock Workout Breakdown:

Bench Press x 12 reps

Skull Crushers x 12 reps

Chest Flys x 12 reps

Elevated Push-Up Row x 12 reps

Standing Overhead Triceps x 12 reps each side

Elevated Core Band Push-Ups x 12 reps

Smash this BodyRock workout and let us know what you think in the comments! Be sure to share this with your fit friends and fam! (You know they’ll love/hate you for it!)

Sweatflix Shredded Arm Workout Playlist

Wanna keep the good gains coming to score strong, sexy arms? Load up this upper body playlist featuring some of our best arm & upper body workouts in Sweatflix! But first check out the trailer below.

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