The 23 Minute Dumbbell Workout Women LOVE: TRY IT

Dumbbell workouts are among our favourite kinds. The reason is simple: dumbbells are some of the most versatile, effective pieces of fitness gear, which is why this classic equipment has stood the test of time in a world of here today, gone tomorrow fit fads. 

This dumbbell workout is from season 3 of our wildly popular Fast & Furiously Fit series. BodyRock Host Sean Light created this series for anyone who wants a short and intensely effective workout, but tailored it especially for people who practice intermittent fasting--an incredible eating paradigm that uses short periods of fasting to help you lose fat, build muscle, and balance hormones. 

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What to expect from this dumbbell workout…

As with all the workouts in the Fast & Furiously Fit Sweatflix series, this one is only 23 minutes, and brings to bear the best in BodyRock HIIT workouts. Your trainer Sean Light makes training fun, but he also makes you work hard enough to see the results you want. 

The moves are full body compound exercises that build muscle all over, get your heart rate pumping, and maximize your caloric burn. The result is increased metabolic function and an unbeatable post-workout glow. 

In addition to dumbbells, this HIIT workout includes The Pink Thing resistance band. With loops for instantly adjustable resistance levels, The Pink Thing is game-changing for strengthening all those stabilizing muscles to create a more sculpted, lean physique. 

Learn more about resistance band training here. 

Fast & Furiously Fit Season 3--Episode 1

The moves:

Push Up Snatch - Left 
Push Up Snatch - Right 
Curtsy Lunge Press - Left 
Curtsy Lunge Press - Right 
Lunge Shoulder Press & Squat - L&R 
Suitcase - Squat, Hamstring & Snatch 
Switch & Snatch - L&R 
Suitcase - Squat, Hamstring & Snatch 
Switch & Snatch - L&R 
Switch Legs & Front Raise - Resistance 
Push Up & Switch Legs 
Switch Legs & Front Raise - Resistance 
Push Up & Switch Legs 
L Row & Donkey Kick - Left 
L Row & Donkey Kick - Right 
In & Out Squat Jacks 
In & Out Squat Knee Cross - Left 
In & Out Squat Knee Cross - Right 
Plank Abs 
Reverse Curls & Bike Abs

You can check out the full season 3 of Fast & Furiously Fit on Sweatflix. New Sweatflix members can get a 30 day trial, risk free. You've got nothing to lose, and a whole new life to gain. Sign up and give it a try!

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