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September 20, 2019 2 min read

Essential oils have been used for centuries to help manage, prevent and cure common complaints and ailments, and in recent years, their power has been backed by my science. The potency of essential oils when it comes to helping with weight loss and management cannot be undersold--but it also cannot be understated that they are not magic bullets. 

Certain essential oils aid in fat loss, but they will only provide minimal to no effect if they are your only fat loss strategy. A balanced diet featuring predominantly whole, clean foods, regular exercise and a lifestyle that prioritizes adequate rest and limited stress will deliver the lion's share of your fat loss. There is absolutely no getting around this, so if you’re eating like crap, not getting enough sleep and chronically skipping your sweat sessions, then these oils aren’t going to help much. Before you pick up an oil, you need to be whipping up healthy meals, logging in toSweatflixand smashing out your workouts (you can sign up for 30 days FREE now, or use promo code '50OFF' for 50% off 3 months) and make sure your practicing consistent self-care all around. 

If you do all this and employ the power of these essential oils to bolster your efforts, you’ll see results.

So, with a solid grasp on what to realistically expect from using essential oils for fat loss, let's get to the list. 

The 3 Best Essential Oils for Fat Loss


When ingested with water, pepperminthas been shown to increase your mental alertness and energy, which can help you perform better and work harder during your training sessions. Peppermint can also be used topically with a carrier oil (like coconut, olive oil or grapeseed oil) to soothe sore muscles, so you can recover better and get back to work sooner. 


Studies show that breathing in lemon essential oil improves the body's neurological activity that encourages the breakdown of body fat, making it an incredibly potent essential oil for fat loss. The scent of lemon can also promote calmness and good vibes, so keep a bottle on hand for when you need a pick-me-up.


This essential oil for fat loss is probably not a surprise. Grapefruit has long been lauded as a fat loss miracle. While perhaps not miraculous, has beenscientifically shown to activate enzymes that breakdown fat. Thank this fruit's D-limonene, which supports a robust metabolism. Studiesalso show that grapefruit essential oil can reduce appetite. 

Are there other essential oils for fat loss? Sure, but these three are the best and they're the ones that work most directly and effectively to support your fat loss goals. 

If you're thinking of trying any of these essential oils, it's crucial that you use 100% pure essential oils. There should be no additives like perfumes. Also, keep in mind that not all essential oils can besafely ingested, even if they are 100% pure. 

Have a favourite essential oil for fat loss? Share in the comments! 

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