The 5 Secrets for Self-Discipline, Revealed

Learning how to develop self-discipline isn’t really that complicated--but that doesn’t mean it can’t be challenging. Self-discipline  requires that we unprogram some of the things we’ve been taught and get other people’s voices out of our heads. Unfortunately, some of these voices have been there for a long time. A lifetime, even.

At a young age we become accustomed to being disciplined by others. Whether it came from parents, teachers, older siblings, or bossy friends, we got used to receiving instruction from people. But as we age, you realize that when it comes to certain things, the only person who can motivate you, is you. Staying healthy is one of these things, and here at BodyRock, it’s the one thing we get asked about all the time.


How do you develop self-discipline to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle?

Self-discipline is essential to maintain a healthy active lifestyle, yet it is often made feel extremely difficult to achieve. That’s why people make millions selling you pills and powders and motivational books that you probably don’t need. Self-discipline boils down to what every single healthy habit boils down to: self care.

Of course, self care for many of us is a real struggle. It involves making time for ourselves in ways we aren’t accustomed. Still, it is possible to nurture yourself into a more disciplined existence, as oxymoronic as that sounds.

See for yourself. We’ve compiled a list of five self-discipline secrets to keep you motivated.


How to Develop Self-Discipline 

1. Eat often and eat healthy! I’m sure you’re no stranger to the term “hangry.” When you’re hangry you’re more likely to feel pessimistic and unmotivated. Staying energized by eating good foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein is essential in giving you the appropriate amount of energy to tackle your daily fitness goals. 

2. Remove distractions! It would be great if it were easy to ignore your phone on the desk beside you or ignore the potato chips in your cupboard. But the reality is that no one has that much self-control right off the bat. The best way to build self-discipline is to remove those temptations all together. Put your phone in another room and don’t buy chips at the store. 

3. Embrace the struggle! Especially when starting out, self-discipline can be both mentally and physically uncomfortable. While this can be really discouraging, sticking it out is the only way to improve. Remember that the initial discomfort won’t last forever, after some time you’ll get used to the routine.

4. Reward your good behaviour! Much like building muscle or losing weight, self-discipline is a slow process that you have to ease yourself into. Take some time to think about what an appropriate reward for a week of good self-discipline could be for you. A fancy massage, a sweet treat, or a movie night can go a long way in training your brain to see self-discipline as a good thing.

We recommend joining us at the BodyRockPlus Insiders Facebook group. You can chat with other BodyRockers and see first-hand that while the struggle is real, you’re not alone and people just like you are winning small victories everyday.

    5. Forgive your mistakes! You’re not going to be perfectly self-disciplined right away and that’s okay. It’s normal and natural to fail from time to time. It doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Instead of wallowing in shame, acknowledge your mistake and then get right back to work. Don’t let a few hiccups define you because you’re worth more than that. 

      So there you have it, five tips to help you improve your self-discipline. Once you nail these, not only will you find staying fit so much easier, but you’ll be able to apply self-discipline to other facets of your life.

      Remember, we’re here to help you! Join us at the Insiders Group. Introduce yourself. We’ll get your back--promise!


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