The Anti-Cellulite Diet

If you’re ready to reduce your thigh’s cottage cheese look, then keep reading: this anti-cellulite diet reduces the appearance of cellulite beginning from the inside-out. By nourishing your body with foods that cleanse your system, burn fat and promote skin health, this diet will help you enjoy smoother rear-view aesthetics.

What Is The Anti-Cellulite Diet?

What Is Cellulite?

Let’s start with the basics, cellulite is fat deposits that give skin a bumpy appearance and almost exclusively affects women’s buttocks, thighs and stomach. What’s crazy is 98% of women will experience cellulite because of the shape of their connective tissue (vertical) and how thin their skin is, compared to men. Men’s connective tissue is diagonal, so their fat doesn’t show as much--it’s held down.

Why Me: What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is triggered by a combination of factors.

  • Hormonal Imbalances: It’s still not clear how or which hormones are behind cellulite but things like hormonal spikes from puberty/menopause and/or weight gain over fat loss (e.g., high insulin) will increase your chances.
  • Lifestyle: Another downside to inactivity. The theory is the more you sit, the less blood flowing to prone areas; the result, cellulite. Throw in a diet rich in carbs, salt and sugar, and you’re increasing your risk. So too does smoking and drinking alcohol. Since cellulite is fat storage, it also means everything from the Fritos to the Cheetos to the dye in Kool-Aid and any toxins ingested are all neatly tucked away in these stores, safely away from your organs—good and bad news. The bad being, toxins are hard to get rid of.
  • Genetics: Cellulite can be inherited. In fact, up to 60% of where you store fat is genetically predetermined. The bittersweet news: you can significantly downgrade the appearance but, you likely won’t be able to banish cellulite if it’s part of your genetic makeup.

  • The Anti-Cellulite Diet

    Yes, BodyRockers, you can decrease the intensity of cellulite by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Diet plays a significant role in changing your life, as does your activity level. We dig deep into the foods you should binge on for a healthy body and the kinds of exercise to use to exorcise your cellulite in our ebook, Fast & Furiously Fit (which you can get for 30% OFF when you use the promo code FASTED30), but if you want an overview of the foods to eat for the smoothest results, here are the pillars of an anti-cellulite diet. 


    Hydrate your body with clear fluids to flush out toxins in the skin for clearer, smoother skin. For greater effect, avoid diuretics like coffee and black tea as they are dehydrating. If you must drink them, drink at least an equal amount of water after. 

    Clean Eating

    Don’t skimp on the fruits and veggies if you’re at war with cellulite. Fresh produce dukes it out against the toxins in your body by  magnetizing the acidic toxins out of the fat stores and flushing them out. These alkaline-rich foods are essential to your diet and not just to combat cellulite but for your best health. Our  Fast & Furiously Fit ebook is brimful of 40+ meals, snacks and yes, even desserts made using these whole, healthy, bump-busting foods, so if you want a no-brainer solution to cellulite, definitely grab this guide. 

    Skin Brushing

    Ditch Photoshop. All you need is a brush, a couple other cellulite sapping items, 10 minutes and Lisa-Marie’s Easy 3-Step Anti-Cellulite Regime. The idea is to stimulate the lymphatic system by brushing it, to force toxins into the elimination channels, so they don’t re-settle or lurk under the skin.


    Not only does exercise help you sweat out toxins that can contribute to the look of cellulite, but by helping you increase lean muscle mass and burn fat, you will have less fat to get squeezed into fat deposit form. 

    The Anti-Cellulite Diet For Smoother Skin

    Cellulite or not, you should be proud of your skin and never be ashamed to flaunt what your Mama gave you. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to flaunt smoother, firmer skin. Eat more clean food, drink more water: these are the basic tenets of the Anti-Cellulite Diet.

    And remember, you can grab your copy of Fast & Furiously Fit today using code FASTED30 for 30% off to help get you started!


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