The Bathroom Workout

Everyone has days when time and schedules and life gets in the way of getting your workout in. This workout is designed for those days - because as I always say, something is always better than nothing. I like to do this full body routine right before I hit the shower - it’s perfect because by adding your BodyRock weighted vest and Pink Thing resistance band, you are getting in a full body, resistance based workout. 
If you want to add this workout to your routine, I will send you a Pink Thing Resistance Band just like the one I’m using absolutely FREE when you pick up a BodyRock weighted vest (I wear the vest in all my workouts). 
For the Bathroom workout, you just need your BodyRock weighted vest and a FREE pink thing band.
Here are the moves. 

Triceps extension 

Keep your elbows closer to your ears for this and make sure your shower rod is securely fastened! 
Try 12 reps. 

Bicep Curls

Put your foot through the Pink Thing. You can adjust the tension by adjusting your foot position in the band. 
Keep the bicep under tension up and down for 12 reps. Make sure to control the movement slowly. 

Seated Shoulder Press

Press the FREE Pink Thing over your head from a seated position. Try for a full extension. Go for 12 reps. 

Tub Tricep Extension

With your BodyRock weighted vest providing extra resistance, knock out 12, slow tricep dips. 

Elevated Push Up

Either using the wall or the side of the tub, try 12 slow pushups. 

Power Squat 

Using the FREE Pink Thing anchored under your feet and firmly grasped in your hands, set up for 24 slow power squats. 
To make sure you are coming down deep enough, touch your bum off of the toilet lid (just make sure it’s closed lol). 

Split Lunge

Come down to parallel 12 times on each leg. 

Oblique Side Crunch

The Pink Thing is perfect for targeting the obliques. Keeping your hips inline, crunch 24 reps on each side using the Pink Thing for added resistance. 
That’s the workout. Use it as a 10 minute kick start to your day, when you travel or are at the cottage, or as a backup when you know that you are likely going to miss your regular workout. Something is always better than nothing when it comes to keeping your fitness on track. Having the Pink Thing and Vest makes getting your workout in easy.
To get your FREE Pink Thing add a Weighted vest and Pink Thing to your cart and use code 'FREEPINK' for the discount to be applied automatically during checkout.
Let me know any other cool moves that you can do in the Bathroom (or any small space in the house). 


Yes for sure the toilets and bathroom are the places we can’t avoid Visiting in our daily life. But if one has a busy routine they can use some exercises during those times they are in toilets and bathroom to exercise. Nice content 💪💪.
Similarly you can watch a video showing How i turned my bathroom and Bathtub for exercising on YouTube by clicking the following link.

John January 13, 2021

I bought the pink thing a while back and have been trying to gather exercises I can do without signing up for the online training. I like the feel of it, and it seems like it won’t break on me. Thanks for much for sharing these exercises.

Tracy H AutioPlatt May 22, 2019

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