The Best At-Home Workout for Shredded Abs

You want a sexy, shredded abs. You've come to the right place. We're about to show you the best at-home workout for shredded abs. BodyRock is in the business of helping people realize their body goals healthfully, realistically and of course, effectively. Everyone has the ability to get great abs, but we're not going to lie: it takes a whole lot of hard work, commitment and sweat. 

So much sweat.

In addition to eating a clean diet, getting your abs to pop requires workout consistency--and not just any workout will do. Crunches and sit-ups have their place in a well-rounded ab workout, but they alone won't cut it if you want cut abs. To get those, you need to take a more holistic approach to training, building up the lean muscle mass in your entire body so that you can more readily torch fat from everywhere, while also smashing ALL the muscles in your core. We're talking glutes. We're talking hamstrings. We're talking erector spinae, obliques, hip flexors, and yes, abdominals. 

We're talking too much, so let's get to the workout. 

The Best At-Home Workout for Shredded Abs

We're going to combine a killer combo of heavy, resistance-based moves with lighter plyometric moves to really get your fat burning engines revving. The result? Leaner, sexier, shredded abs--when you do this workout consistently, of course. And don't be afraid to challenge yourself with heavy resistance! Challenge is what breeds CHANGE.

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The breakdown:

The workout is only around 20 minutes, but will yield insane gains overtime. Some of these exercises are timed, and some are rep-based. The reason is, as Lisa-Marie says, "you can't cheat a rep!" 

We want to make sure you're really pushing yourself, and in a timed exercise your reps per round can vary depending on how tired you are. But, if you know you simply have to smash out 25 reps, then you HAVE to do it, no matter how long it takes.

You feeling us?

Good! Then let's get started. Perform this workout as a circuit. Take 10 seconds rest between moves if needed. 

Press & Point Jump Squat - 15 reps

Recommended gear: Dumbbells

Tips: Keep your spine strong and straight. The weight should be heavy, but not so heavy that it pulls you forward.

Lunge + Twist - 60 seconds

Recommended gear: Sculpt Bar

Tips: Twist slowly! Don’t rush the movement, which could cause injury.

Mountain Climber - 60 seconds

Recommended gear: Balance Trainer

Tips: The Balance Trainer adds an extra challenge to this move. If it is too much, perform the mountain climber on the floor. Keep your hips parallel with the floor and do not allow your lower back to sag. Pull your belly-button into your spine to maintain core engagement, and breathe fully throughout the move.

Kneeling Thrust-15 reps

Recommended gear: Core Bands

Tips: Focus on squeezing your glutes as you reach the top of the movement. 

Star Abs - 15 reps

Recommended gear: Pink Thing

Tips: Pull your belly-button into your spine and do not allow your low-back to leave the floor. If you find the move too challenge, try it without The Pink Thing or just focus working with this resistance band on the lower body.

Remember: use promo code CORE20 for 20% off all this gear for the best workout for shredded abs. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram once you’ve done this workout and let us know how you did. Or, just comment below. We also love to hear from our #FitFam!

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