The Best Belly Fat Burners in Diet & Exercise

Almost everyone wants to find out how to lose belly fat. It makes sense. Not only is it notoriously difficult to lose fat on your stomach, but carrying too much weight in your midsection has been linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

So, sure, trying to shed belly fat may be a matter of preferred personal aesthetic, but it's also a matter of health.


The Truth About How to Lose Belly Fat

Despite what a billion-dollar supplement industry will try to sell you, the best way to lose belly fat comes down to eating clean and exercising—and sleeping well too, but we're going to confine the parameters of this blog to just food and fitness.

(But you can learn more about how sleep affects weight loss here.)

We know you may have been reading this hoping for a more revolutionary tidbit of information—a shortcut even—but decades of research keeps coming back to this fact: if you want to lose belly fat, you have to eat well and move your butt. 

Before you browse away, bear with us, because while diet and exercise and the foundations of shedding tummy pudge, there are certain types of clean food and exercise that will help you torch fat faster than others.

Keep reading. 

The Best Food and Exercise to Help You Lose Belly Fat

1. Whole Food

If you stuck to eating nothing but whole foods for a few weeks, you'd see belly fat melt away. Of course, there is some confusion about what constitutes a whole food. Is it a food that has not been altered at all from its original state, or is there some room for leeway there?

There is.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, whole food is defined as a "food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances."

So your coconut oil, while not the whole coconut, is still a whole food. And the gooey and delicious almond flour cookies you make with that coconut oil is still a whole food, granted the almond flour is not over-processed and riddled with additives.

But that short-bought chocolate-dipped granola bar that lists coconut oil as one of its laundry list of ingredients? That's not a whole food.

You can see there is room for some grey area here. But the idea is to keep your food as close to its natural state as possible while having a general idea of how to balance your macros (so you don’t eat just all whole carbs, for instance), and you'll watch belly fat just melt away.

Learn more: Macro-Measuring Made Easy

Whole foods contain the most fiber and protein, which are two powerhouses of belly fat loss. Both protein and fiber keep you fuller, longer, so you're less likely to overeat. What's more, they can help regulate your blood sugar levels so that you aren't subject to menacing cravings all day long.


If it's so simple, then why don't more people eat whole foods to lose belly fat?

Habit, for one. But also, in a world where convenience is king and many of us eat out or order in on the regular, we may not know how to cook delicious, healthy, whole-food meals.

But it's soooooo easy and way more affordable than being a slave to UberEats.

Grab any one of our best-selling nutrition guides to see for yourself. They're on sale now and will teach you all about proper nutrition, how to eat for your body and how to make a mouthwatering homemade meal in less time than it takes you to find something you haven't watched on Netflix. Pick a guide that suits your lifestyle and your goals, and go for it. (Desserts included!)

You won't regret taking the time to learn how to cook healthfully for yourself. Pinky swear.

A quick note on drinks!

We’ve talked about foods, and skipped over beverages, so here’s our tip to you: Limit or avoid sugary drinks and alcohol if you want to lose belly fat. Sugar and booze go straight to your belly and alcohol can also result in morning-after stress, which also increases belly fat.

Opt for lots of water, and some tea and coffee and you’ll be on the right track to belly fat loss. 

    2. Exercise

      We'll spare you the lecture on how you can't spot reduce weight (but if you need to hear it, here it is), but suffice it to say you can't crunch-away belly fat. To lose fat on your stomach, you have to try to lose fat from all over your body, and you do that by exercising your whole body regularly.

      Studies show that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is the most effective way to lose fat, and the sessions are a fraction of the time of traditional endurance training. What's more, HIIT is shown to significantly reduce extra visceral fat—the fat that hangs out around your organs.

      Try this short and sweaty full-body workout with BodyRock Trainer Beth and start learning how to lose belly fat through exercise. 

      Another HIIT perk: it increases muscle mass, which will lead to additional fat loss. (Remember: muscle requires more energy to sustain than fat, so when you have more muscle, your body doesn't hang onto as many of the calories you eat in the form of fat—it feeds them to your muscles!)

      How much HIIT do you need to do to reduce belly fat?

      2-3 days a week of HIIT per week is enough to start seeing those lean gains you're after. But that doesn't mean you should only workout 2-3 days a week, period.

      In addition to HIIT, keep moving and burning calories with light to moderate cardio, like walking, running, swimming, cycling or hiking. And be sure to work in stretching and mobility sessions to help keep your body limber and less prone to injury.

      Try our Mobility and Stretch series with BodyRock Trainer Mike Levine.

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      If you came to this blog looking for a way to drop belly fat super fast, we’re sorry to disappoint. Any lasting weight loss from anywhere on your body is going to come from consistent clean eating and exercise, period. Remember, though, we’re here to help you develop that commitment and consistency. Join us!



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