The Best Dumbbells for Women Working Out At Home.

Did you know that Dumbbells are considered by many fitness professionals as the number one fat loss tool? It might surprise you to hear that in this world of fancy bikes, magic fitness mirrors, and other high tech gear, that the simple dumbbell is more effective and badass than anything out there. 

Lifting weights has enormous benefits for women in general, and having the right dumbbells at home is critical for any fitness routine that is aiming to sculpt and tone the body. There are so many incredible benefits of strength training with dumbbells, you can read more about them here.

Adding strength training with dumbbells to your routine is a total game changer. 

When you are contemplating purchasing your first set of dumbbells, there is a lot to consider. We are going to break down the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying dumbbells, so that you get exactly what you need to power your fitness, and avoid wasting your money. The right dumbbells should be a one time, forever purchase, so let’s get it right!

Mistake #1 - Not all Dumbbells are created equal. 

First, it’s important for you to understand that your home exercise gear is a direct investment in you. It is a necessary investment in your health, strength, confidence and wellbeing. The good news? If you pick the right fitness gear, and ensure that it is aligned with where you are in your fitness journey, it will last forever and pay dividends for the rest of your life. Don’t just pick dumbbells because they are ‘cute’ looking. ‘Cute’ dumbbells might look cool for a minute on Instagram, but they won’t deliver the results that you want. 

Mistake #2 - Never buy a single dumbbell. 

Always buy dumbbells in pairs

Dumbbells are almost always used in pairs, so one dumbbell is not going to cut it. Working with mismatched pairs, even if they are the same weight is an absolute nightmare, and will quickly frustrate you and throw off your workouts. The balance, shape, grip and weight all have to be even, so make sure that you never, ever, buy just one dumbbell. 

Mistake #3 - Don’t listen to people who don’t lift weights.

Just because people in your life workout, have read about lifting weights, has a friend that lifted weights 10 years ago, or has seen a ‘cute’ pair somewhere, doesn’t qualify them to be giving you advice on buying a set of dumbbells that will fit your specific needs. Two things. A. The word ‘Cute’ should almost never be used in conjunction with Dumbbells. The colorful, pastel 1 or 2 pound weights that they sell in the ‘weight loss’  aisle at the drug store are not going to get you where you want to go. B. Having a penis doesn’t mean that you know anything about weights. A lot of guys like to talk the talk about engines, plumbing and other ‘manly’ things, but trust me on this, when it comes to purchasing dumbbells, don’t listen. 

Mistake #4 - Shape Matters.

Hex dumbbells

Dumbbells come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are round, square and hex dumbbell heads. Let’s review. 

  • Round Dumbbells tend to roll around a lot, and are extremely unsteady for floor based exercises like planks. You don’t want an unstable dumbbell that will roll on you. Avoid round dumbbell heads. 
  • Square Dumbbells have sharp corners that can leave scrapes and bruises if you accidentally bump into them when you are swinging them around while exercising (this can happen a lot when you are first starting out). Square heads are also well known for damaging floors and hard surfaces (especially if they are not rubber coated). 
  • Hex Dumbbells are widely recognized as the best dumbbell shape. They offer stability, won’t roll alway on you, and won’t damage floors (or your body). Most top gym facilities carry Hex Dumbbells because they are the best. Hex also have excellent grip.

So we’ve established that Hex Dumbbells are best. The rubber heads will last forever and provide balance and stability. The grip positioning is perfect and won’t cramp the muscles in your hands. Let’s talk about size next. 

Mistake #5 - Buying the wrong Dumbbell size and weight (in pounds). 

As we mentioned above, you don’t need every dumbbell size to have a great, home based workout. Buying the wrong dumbbell sizes is a very common and costly mistake, so lets figure out what dumbbell weights you need to set up the ultimate home gym for strength training. 

The best way to determine the size and weight of the dumbbells that you need is to look at where you are in your fitness journey. The level you are at will determine the weight of dumbbells that you should buy.


If you have been exercising for 3 months or less (amazing keep going!) and you haven’t lifted anything heavier than a glass of Pinot, or a bag of groceries in a while, then look at investing in a set of 5, 10, and 15 lbs Dumbbells to start. These weights will allow you to do a wide variety of exercises and movements for upper body where you are likely weaker, and lower body leg exercises that can take more weight and resistance. It’s a great starter set that will power a wide variety of workouts. 


If you are looking for a place to start your strength training, come and try the Tone & Torch Bootcamp series on BodyRockPlus or the Beginner Bootcamp series 1 or 2. These programs will teach you the basics of strength training for fat loss. 


If you train a few times per week, (but mostly cardio), then start with 5, 10, 15, and 20 lbs. The extra set of 20lb will allow you to challenge yourself, and reach for a heavy set when you find that you have enough strength and power to kick it to the next level. 


If you’ve been lifting at the gym, or in group classes, but haven’t established a routine at home yet, we suggest that you have 10, 15, 20 and 25 lb weights. 

Hex Dumbbells 50% off

The right range of 3-4 pairs will turn your home workout space into your own strength training studio. If you are looking to invest in Dumbbells, we have Hex, rubber coated dumbbells available at 50% off the regular price. Simply use code: HEX50 at checkout to get an automatic 50% discount on our premium quality hex dumbbells. Determine your level above and then get the dumbbells sizes and weights that will help you get in the best shape of your life. 



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