The BEST Leg Exercises for Beginners

Alas, in a misguided attempt to find the best leg exercises for beginners, you started following The Rock on Instagram and the intensity of his #legday in the Titan rack has made it so you may never squat again. Fear not, fit friend, because what you see many of celebs and fitness personalities demonstrating on social media are not, in fact, leg exercises for beginners. If you want leg exercises for beginners, follow us on the ‘Gram

Also, keep reading, ‘cause we’re about to impart the best leg exercises for beginners that will sculpt your stems and help you ignite your body’s fat burning abilities. That’s right, #FitFam: building up the muscle mass in your lower body via resistance training is one of the fastest and easiest ways to burn fat from everywhere in your body. It’s all because your lower body contains the largest and longest muscles in your body (glutes and quads, respectively) so, when your system needs to fuel those muscles, which requires a lot of energy, it stores less fat. 

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About the moves:

We’ve made these exercises into a circuit so you can smash 'em out in just 20 minutes, and be done with it. You only need to train your legs twice a week to start seeing results, so, the commitment is small, and the results are huge. (But, ya know, train the rest of your body, too. You can get a free 30 day trial of Sweatflix here, so there’s really no excuse.)

Most of all, these leg exercises for beginners are really for beginners. They're as basic as they get, and set you up to build a solid foundation so, when you're ready, you can master the total body moves that result in head-to-toe lean gains and increased metabolic burn. 

Ready? Try it out! Set your timers to 50 seconds, with 10 seconds rest, and do this entire circuit 5 times through. 

Step Ups

Recommended gear: Dumbbells and Step Riser

Notes on technique: Work your way up to using resistance if you’ve never done a step up before. Add weight when you’re confident. Concentrate on stepping up and pushing up through your heel to really engage your glutes. 

Side Steps

Recommended gear: Core Bands


Notes on technique: Keep your chest tall and a bend in your legs at all times to make sure you’re really getting the most out of this move for your legs. 

Romanian Deadlifts

Recommended gear: Core Bands

Notes on technique: Maintain a flat back throughout the movement and squeeze up through your glutes as you stand up. 

Barbell Squat

Recommended gear: Sculpt Bar


Notes on technique: Keep your knees behind your toes and spine flat and long. Don’t hunch your back or lean forward. Sink into your heels and push up from your heels. Practice with no resistance before you pick up the barbell. Granted, you will be able to use resistance soon! Your muscles are already used to squatting your own weight, so even if you just use 10lbs, aim to load up as soon as your form is spot on. The squat is one of the most fundamental leg exercises for beginners (or any fitness level), so, unless you can’t squat due to injury (in which case, read this), be sure to master this move. 

How’d ya do? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget about our LIMITED TIME offer to get free dumbbells when you purchase our Sculpt Bar. Add the bundle to your cart and use promo code FREEDBS.

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