The Best Styles of Pants to Accent Your Assets

You work hard to look as good as you do, and it’s only fitting that you wear clothes that show off your best assets. With Fall just around the corner, it’s time to revamp the wardrobe to show off the blood, sweat, and let’s face it, sometimes tears, that you put into your body this summer. It’s out with the old, in with the fabulous new pants that flatter you the most.

Read on to find out how to accent your assets, because they deserve a little time in the spotlight.

1. High-Waisted

If you’re looking to emphasize a juicy derriere (hey, you’ve worked hard!), the easiest and most flattering way to do it is with high-waisted pants. Low-rise pants aren’t doing a full booty any favors; they camouflage the difference between your narrowest part (your waist—find tips here to lose inches) and your behind. High-waisted pants accentuate this difference for your fullest, most scrumptious derriere yet. Pair your high-waisted pants with a cropped sweater, tucked-in blouse, or t-shirt (for a more casual look), but never something too bulky or baggy or else you won’t get that smooth, streamlined look.

2. Stretch Fabrics

Stretch jeans (not jeggings) are ideal if you’re looking to give your thighs and bum a lift. Jeans with no stretch can have a flattening effect that squishes you in and gives you the dreaded muffin top. Jeans with just enough stretch let your body breathe, while lifting and hugging your fabulous shape. Look for curvy fits with Lycra or Spandex to add some give to the jean, but make sure you grab a size smaller than normal because stretchy jeans can loosen over time.

3. Straight Leg

If you’re looking to add height to a smaller, curvier frame, ditch the skinny jeans and opt for a straight leg. Tapered pants actually make you look shorter, while slightly wider pants give you length and height where you need it most. Plus, they look fabulous with a pair of boots (hello, fall!) or wedge heels to give you even more height. A straight leg pant also skims your body for a gorgeous, slimming effect that is even more accentuated by a dark blouse that doesn’t cut you off at the middle.

4. Dark Jeans

Dark jeans and pants are universally flattering, no matter your shape. They disguise trouble areas and slim down even the curviest of shapes. Plus, they naturally add height and length versus lighter jeans, because they don’t draw the eye to your legs. Pockets can also accentuate or disguise; if you have a flatter derriere, opt for flapped pockets to add some bulk to your behind (and try a kettlebell workout for a booty boost), but look for flat pockets if you already have some junk in the trunk (they’ll distort your shape)

5. Trousers

Well-fitting trousers can do wonders for straighter figures. They can lift, add shape, and give you volume without bulk. Plus, they’re incredibly stylish this fall. Opt for a pair that hits you right above the ankle and right below your belly button for a trim, chic look, and don’t afraid to get them tailored if they’re not fitting you perfectly. The key to wearing slacks is wearing slacks that fit. Pair them with a blouse, a figure-hugging sweater, or a cropped blazer for a knockout, versatile look. Trousers work well with both flats and heels, so you’ll get a ton of wear out of these pants.

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I would like to know where Lisa gets her low rise pants ..high wasted workout pants look awful on me but low rise rock my physique

Nicole h September 26, 2018

I only wish this had pictures accompanying it. I can’t really envision what you’re talking about.

Cory September 20, 2018

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