The BodyRock No Equipment Shoulder Workout for SEXY Shoulders

You don't need a ton of gear to sculpt strong and sexy AF  shoulders. You just need some sage advice and a few killer moves. Thankfully, killer moves are our speciality at 

Why train your shoulders?
Why train your shoulders without equipment?
The BodyRock No Equipment Shoulder Workout
BodyRock Shoulder Workout Playlist

Why train your shoulders?

Your shoulders are the main muscles that keep your shoulder joint functioning properly. The benefits of shoulder training also include supporting proper posture, upper body stability and, of course, an overall aesthetically pleasing and biomechanically functional physique. 

Why train your shoulders without equipment?

First, it's always good to switch up your training methods. Heavy resistance is wonderful for building up that lean muscle mass that facilitates a greater fat burn and it is amazing functional training for everyday lifting. However, bodyweight shoulder exercises are also awesome, since they help us better maneuver our own weight to properly support everyday movements and avoid common preventable injuries.

In fact, doing bodyweight training in general is an ideal complement to any fitness routine, which is why we have hundreds of bodyweight workouts in Sweatflix. The workout featured here is only one of them, and is from our popular Tone in Rome series. You can smash the entire 21 day challenge by joining Sweatflix. Get your first month completely free when you sign up now. 

The BodyRock No Equipment Shoulder Workout

This workout also provides an amazing back workout, which plays in nicely with the kinetic support of the back, since these two muscle groupings are irrevocably connected. 

Duration: 12 minutes, 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Do 2-3 times through.

Bodyrock workout breakdown:

Push Up Row L/R 

1/2 Burpee and Monkey Push Up 

Reverse Pull Ups 

Plank Row L/R 

Lying Shoulder Press 

Kneeling Shoulder Press 

Bent Over Fly and Row 

Pull Downs 

Wall Walk and Push Up 

Dive Bombers

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BodyRock Shoulder Workout Playlist

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