BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Focus

Hi BodyRocker’s 

Super pumped to bring you today’s 12 Minute BodyRock workout. Yesterday we smashed our lower body with Sylvie in BodyRock workout #1. If you missed yesterday’s workout you can find it here

Today Lisa D. is leading us through an upper body focused routine that targets all of the muscles in your upper body.

The Workout:

Workout Instructions.  

Lisa leads you through 3 rounds x 4 exercises. Push to your max (whatever that feels like for you) and work as hard as you can for each 50 second ‘work’ interval. Use the 10 second ‘rest’ intervals to prep yourself for the next exercise. Follow along with Lisa as she teaches you the proper form for each move. Listen for cues to ‘level up’ exercises, and give each movement you best effort. If something feels uncomfortable or two challenging, or you have a restriction, you can always pause and or substitute another exercise. If all else fails, march in place and keep moving. 

The Exercise Previews & Trainer Notes (New)

Core Band Bull Downs (L/R): Targets the shoulders back & arms. 

BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Strength

Trainer Tips: 

Lisa’s Trainer Notes

 With forward pulse (L/R): Arms, shoulders, back.

BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Strength

Trainer Tips:

Trainer Notes

 Prone Core Band Pull: Targets the back, arms & shoulders

BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Strength

Trainer Tips:

Trainer Notes

Prone Band Pull

Pink Thing Bent Over Rows: Back, Arms, Core 

BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Strength

Trainer Tips:

Gear for today’s workout: 

Ankle weights Core BandsPink Thing

Today we are using the BodyRock core bands with the Pink Thingand Lisa also has on her ankle weights because that’s just how she roles. She’s a major fan of ankle weights with future dreams of developing her own line. That’s how into ankle weights she is! Get 20% off gear by using the code: ROCKER20 at checkout. 

Easy Gear Substitution. 

If you don’t have a core band, you can get one from us and help support the channel here (thank you). For the sake of this workout, you can also substitute out for a pair of spandex shorts, leggings or anything fabric with a bit of stretch that can help you hold your muscles under tension. 

Level of Difficulty. 

This workout is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced BodyRockers.

I hope that you guys enjoy today’s workout!

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