BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Focus

Hi BodyRocker’s 

Today we are going upstairs and focusing on the upper body. The exercises that we are teaching you today mimic movements that you could only traditionally do at the gym, with either machines or free-weights. We have simplified the exercises to deliver a better than gym-quality workout, and we’ve made the workout accessible by providing modifications to either increase, or decrease the intensity. If you are just starting out, this is a perfect workout for you. If you are more advanced and further along on your fitness journey, the workout will challenge you  too. 

The Workout Video:

The Gear:

Today we are using the BodyRock HIIT core bands with the Pink Thing dynamic resistance band. Lisa never does a workout without her HIIT ankle weights - including when she is teaching at some of Toronto’s most exclusive fitness studios. Wearing extra weight while you exercise has the obvious benefit of increasing your calorie burn, but it also automatically adds the fat incinerating power of strength training to your HIIT workouts, which will give your body athletic muscle tone and increase your overall strength and endurance.By wearing your weights, it leaves your hands free for balance, or for more dynamic exercises that you couldn’t do if you were stuck holding free weights (which are also rough on the hands). 

BodyRock Weighted HIIT Exercise Vest and Ankle Weights

Our ‘wearable’ HIIT Weighted Vest & Ankle Weights. 

Easy Gear Substitution. 

If you don’t have a core band, you can get one from us and help support the channel here (thank you). For the sake of this workout, you can also substitute out for a pair of spandex shorts, leggings or anything fabric with a bit of stretch that can help you hold your muscles under tension. 

Level of Difficulty. 

This workout is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced BodyRockers.

BodyRock LIsa

The Workout Breakdown:  

Lisa leads you through 3 rounds x 4 exercises. Push to your max (whatever that feels like for you) and work as hard as you can for each 50 second ‘work’ interval. Use the 10 second ‘rest’ intervals to prep yourself for the next exercise. Follow along with Lisa as she teaches you the proper form for each move. Listen for cues to ‘level up’ exercises, and give each movement you best effort. If something feels uncomfortable or two challenging, or you have a restriction, you can always pause and or substitute another exercise. If all else fails, march in place and keep moving. 

Exercise #1: Core Band Bull Downs (L/R): Targets the shoulders back & arms. 

BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Strength

Trainer Tips: Even though this exercise targets the upper body, it’s critical to keep your core engaged and ‘locked’ to stabilize your posture so that you can do this exercise with proper form. 

Lisa’s Trainer Notes

 Exercise #2: Forward pulse (L/R): Arms, shoulders, back.

BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Strength

Trainer Tips: This exercise looks deceptively easy, but the short movements under constant tension from the band will very quickly ‘burn out’ your muscles. If you hit the wall with this exercise before the timer sounds, bring your hands closer to your body - repositioning your hands closer will make the exercise easier. Try this modification instead of stopping. If you need a break, it’s always ok to pause the video and shake things out, but try and get into the habit of gearing down to an easier variation of the exercise before stopping. 

Trainer Notes

Exercise #3: Prone Core Band Pull: Targets the back, arms & shoulders

BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Strength

Trainer Tips: For this exercise, it’s important to maintain tension on the band throughout the full movement. 

Trainer Notes

At the top of this exercise, engage or ‘fire’ your glutes by giving them a good hard squeeze. When we train, it’s easy for the mind to drift, or even get distracted by the timer. Keep focus. Think about the muscles that each exercise is targeting and really concentrate your attention (and intention) on working and squeezing those muscles. This will accomplish a number of positive things. First, it will ensure that you are getting the most benefit out of your workout. Proper, deliberate form will outpace a sloppy, distracted workout and deliver better and faster results. Secondly, we are training your mind-body awareness which will make you more agile and co-ordinated. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly we are training your mental focus to be sharper. Keeping your mind on purpose for 12 Minutes might be as challenging as keeping your body moving, but overtime this mental strength will grow, and the confidence that will bring you in all areas of your life is profound. 

BodyRock HIIT Core Bands

Prone Band Pull

Exercise #4: Pink Thing Bent Over Rows: Back, Arms, Core 

BodyRock HIIT Workout #2 - Upper Body Strength

Trainer Tips: Keep your core locked, and elbows in for this exercise. To make the movement harder (or easier) you can adjust the slack on the Pink Thing. 

BodyRock Pink Thing HIIT resistance band

That’s it! Practice keeping your mind-body connection and stay focused on pushing to your max effort.

I hope that you guys enjoy today’s workout!

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