The Booty Gene: Do You Have It?

You've squatted 'til you're ready to puke, but that bouncy Instagram booty is no closer to being yours. Alas, your ass is simply an extension of the top of your legs and lift as you may, lunge as you might, your failure to sculpt the booty of your dreams feels like an extension of every perceived failure in your life. 

If you're singing these booty blues, it may be time to try a different tune. We're here to hit you with a healthy dose of reality, so you can stop living in a fantasy land and start living with, working with and appreciating the booty (and body) you do have.

The Booty Gene: You Either Got It, or You Don't

Listen, we're not trying to rain on your parade and we're always going to champion building your best body, but 'your' is the operative word there. Where we carry fat and how our bodies build muscle is genetically predetermined—in fact, over half of these body shaping genes are predetermined. This means you either have the genes to support having a booty that can double as a table for tea, or you don't. Shy of surgery or buying butt-padded leggings (which are what shapes so many of those Insta' asses anyway), you're not going to get that look. 

Let's take a closer look at those genetic factors. This will give you a better idea of what you're working with.

Fast and Slow Twitch

Your muscles contain both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres and your genetics determine how much of which fibre your muscles have. Both fibres can grow, but fast-twitch grow better. And, the constitution can change from muscle group to group. So, you may not be able to see drastic results from training your booty, but with comparatively little effort, you could be able to get great definition in your arms. 

Body Type

Mesomorphs are naturally more muscular and can build muscle more quickly than ectomorphs, which are thin and long and endomorphs, who tend to be rounder with a greater tendency to carry fat. Body types are quite as cut and dry as these three definitions would have you believe: you can possess traits of more than one body type, but in general, one definition will prevail. 

Just ask BodyRock trainer Lisa-Marie. While millions of people praise and covet her super lean arms  and sculpted six pack, she has a hell of a time seeing booty gains. In fact, as an ectomorph she has a hell of a time building muscle, period, so every inch of amazing definition you see on her body is the result of lifting hard, lifting heavy and lifting regularly. 

You can't say this is luck: she's worked hard for it. She's been told she is too thin; that she's not curvy or feminine enough. She's been criticized more harshly than most of us could bear, but she's kept working for what she wants, while still working toward her own goals, on her own terms. Part of being able to do this involves being realistic about what the genetic hand she's been dealt. 

While some people may be able to mold the perfect peach with some bodyweight squats and back-kicks, these people are comparatively rare. Most of us will need to add core or Booty Bands to their back kicks. They'll have to add heavy resistance to squats. As we age and our muscle mass naturally decreases, we'll have to load up even more and challenge ourselves. And again, we're also going to have to respect ourselves and our natural limitations. As for the limitations of our minds—the ones we impose on ourselves that say that our present circumstances are our only circumstances—those are limitations we have to push back against. After all, while a little over half of how we build muscle and store fat is predetermined, that still leaves a lot to with which to work.  

So work it! Try this butt-lifting circuit to start building your best booty! And, get the all the gear you need to smash this workout (Core Bands, Booty Bands, Step Riser and kettlebell) for 20% off! Just use promo code BUTT20!

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