The Celebrity Leg Workout Anyone Can Do From Home!

🤩Celebrity leg workouts aren't just for Stars🤩

Ever get a look at the toned, sculpted stems on some Hollywood starlet and think, “What do they have that I don't?”. We're going to let you in on a little secret: the only thing they have that you don't—or didn't until now—is access to personal trainers that know their shit. Get geared up, 'cause we're about to throw down with the intense leg workout that'll have you showcasing your stems in the shortest of hemlines. These are the exercises for your legs that celebrities like Beyonce, Lady GaGa, JLo, Charlize Theron and Bella Hadid swear by to get the lean, strong gam gains. 

And the moves? They probably aren't what you’d expect from your leg day workout. You're not going to spend an hour doing squats in lunges. In fact, the whole workout can be completed in five steps that will only take around 30 minutes, so while it’s an intense leg day workout, it won’t take long. Our celebrity leg workout is all about combining a dynamic mix of cardio, conditioning and good ol' fashion resistance training to get stunning results from leg day.

Enough talk. Let's get to the leg day workout.

A note on equipment: While you do not need any of the gear you see here for results, you won’t see the same level of results without at least some of it. Your legs are used to moving your body around all day, so working against your body weight alone will give limited success. This is why, for A LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can get an extra 10% OFF on the equipment listed below! Simply use code 'LEGS10' to get 10% off all gear. So, bring home the gear you need to guarantee the leg day gains. And do it now.

Equipment list:

Weighted speed rope

Core Bands

Challenger Bars

Step Riser


Sculpt Bar

Foam Roller

Balance Trainer

Celebrity Leg Workout—Step 1

First, we're going to increase muscle elasticity and responsiveness with a solid warm up. Our recommendation is jump rope intervals using a weighted speed rope. This part of our intense leg workout is non-negotiable. Not only does it get your pistons firing, it kicks your coordination into gear, which will help amp up your performance so you can build more lean muscle and burn more fat.

For your warm-up, perform these two skipping moves for 50 seconds each, taking a 10 second break in between. Do this skipping superset 3 times in total, which will take you to 6 minutes.

High Knee Skips

Side to Side with Jack Skips

Not confident in your skipping? We wrote a blog to help get you started. 

Celebrity Leg Workout—Step 2: 

Next, you're going to get down to the mat to target your butt and hamstrings using a series of targeted posterior leg day moves. The resistance bands featured here give you that all-important load to lift to build lean muscle mass, and they also work to sculpt and strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding joints, making them less susceptible to injury. 

You will also need a raised surface to do the side elevate planks. We recommend our Challenger Bars. They're designed to support moves like this, and there are thousands of other exercises they can be used for, making them a solid investment in your total body training—not just your legs. 

Do each of these moves 10-12 times on each side for three rounds.

Bear Back Kicks & Fire Hydrants

Recommended gear: Core Bands

Works: Glutes, Hips, Core, Hamstrings

Notes on technique: Engage your core and kick back using the muscle—not momentum—to drive the movement. Drop to your knees if this exercise is too challenging. Keep your hips square with the ground and really squeeze as you move your leg out to the side for the most intense leg workout.

Elevated Side Planks with Hip Flex

Recommended gear: Challenger Bars 

Works: Glutes, Inner Thighs (Adductors) and Core

Notes on technique: Drop to the floor if this is too much of a challenge. Make sure your body stays parallel with the floor. Keep your supporting leg straight and strong. 

Band Bridging  

Recommended gear: Core Bands

Works: Posterior chain muscles (hamstrings, glutes and erector spinae) to strengthen and condition the backs of your legs as well as your core. And that resistance band around your knees will help tone your outer glute muscles.

Notes on technique: Lie flat on your back and bring your feet up so they're just below your butt. With your core band around your thighs, you're going to press up through your heels, lifting your butt and hips off the floor. Then, squeeze your thighs out, bring them back in, drop down and repeat. 

Celebrity Leg Workout—Step 3: 

Finally, we've reached the heavy-hitting portion of this intense leg workout. Rather than recommend a smattering of leg exercises, our celebrity leg workout focuses on two intensely powerful moves: namely, step ups and Romanian deadlifts. 

Remember to load up—as heavy as you can go while still maintaining proper form. 

Step Ups

Recommended gear: Dumbbells and Step Riser

Works: Legs, Glutes, and Core

Notes on technique: You can to aim for a significant step up while still being safe and using a solid resistance. The higher you step, the better the workout, but you also want to load up to build lean muscle mass. Find a happy medium. 

Romanian Deadlifts

Recommended gear: Sculpt Bar

Works: Hamstrings, Glutes, and Core

Notes on technique: Keep the weight of the movement in your heels and pull up from them, squeezing your glutes. Your knees should not be locked; rather, keep a soft bend in the joint. Ensure your shoulders are rolled back and down, and your back is flat. Don’t hunch!

Celebrity Leg Workout—Step 4:

Time to power up for plyometrics. This quick and dirty superset is a cornerstone of this intense leg workout, and it’s going to build more lean muscle mass, while also helping you scorch through energy (i.e. calories.) These leg day moves also call on your calves to do what they do best: move large weights for long periods, quickly. This is your finisher, and you’ve only got 6 MINUTES left, so be sure to give these moves all you’ve got.

If plyometrics are too hard on your joints, try walking on a steep incline for 50 second intervals with 10 seconds rest for the 6 minutes.

Pogo Hops

Recommended gear: Balance Trainer

Works: Legs, Glutes, and Core

Notes on technique: Keep your chest up and chin lifted. 

Back & Forth Jump Squats

Recommended gear: Core Bands

Works: Legs, Glutes, and Core

Notes on technique: Power up from your heels and land softly on your feet, sinking back down into your heels. Maintain a long, straight spine. 

Celebrity Leg Workout—Step 5:

You’re done! Well, almost. To wind-down the intense leg workout and work out all those kinks, you’re going to call on the power of the foam roller. Foam rolling is like having your own personal masseuse with you, anytime, anywhere. And it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. Use the foam roller on your calves, hamstrings, thighs and glutes.

If you’ve got time to lament you don’t have the legs you want, you’ve got the time to use this Celebrity Leg Workout to change that. Try it out! Let us know what you think in the comments. And remember, if you want to get the best heavy-hitting gear for your gams, we recommend getting it today, during our Limited time save up to 20% OFF on equipment event. Remember to use code 'LEGS10' during checkout.



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