The EPIC BodyRock Fat-Burning Workout for Women 40+

Looking for a fat-burning workout for women over 40? We've got you covered! This workout combines cardio and calorie scorching compound resistance moves to help you bump up your metabolic rate during and after your sweat 'sesh. No need to condemn yourself to a life spent toiling on the treadmill—try this fat burning workout for women 40+.  

This session is the first workout in our BRX series, hosted by BodyRock Trainer Lisa-Marie. All of the BRX HIIT workouts are 45 minutes long, and incorporate strength, power, cardio and resistance to give you a beautiful burn for a more lean, sculpted body at any age. This is what makes this series so effective for women over 40: it gives us exactly what we need. 

A hit of bone-strengthening resistance training to help combat the bone loss that naturally happens as we age; 

  • Cardio training to keep our cardiovascular system healthy; 
  • Heavy weight reps to promote lean muscle mass and heightened metabolic function
  • Functional training so that we can meet the physical demands of everyday life 

No excuses. Give this class a chance. 

Losing weight after age 40 isn't impossible, and fat doesn't just start piling on post-35. In fact, most of our weight gain happens in our twenties—this is when our metabolisms slow down the most drastically in our adult lives. However, as we get older, many of us get less active and more busy, so we simply make less time for active living and good lifestyle habits (sleeping well, eating clean, reducing stress, etc.).

That can help here, if you just give BRX a chance. You can sign up for a free month of Sweatflix and smash ALL the BRX classes. You'll see and feel real, measurable results if you stick with these workouts. Just 3 days a week. 

You got this. Start here!

BRX session one focuses on strength, cardio and compound reps to get your body fired up and primed for amazing gains. 

Recommended gear:

Workout breakdown:

4 Min Skipping
Squat & Deadlift
Front Squats
Clean & Press
Push Up & Drag Tuck
Push Press
Lunge & Press
Kettle Bell Hold Squats
Kick Throughs Snatch
Round One - Add Skipping In between - 20 Mins
Round Two - No Skipping - 10 Mins
Mace - 5 Min Section
Swings - Wood-chop Low
Swing Wood-chop - Waist
Swing - Low & Waist
WoodChop Shoulder - Left
Wood Chop Shoulder - Right


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I am now 50 and am having a hard time losing weight. In the past 5 years I’ve put on 30 pounds and I feel miserable

Dolores November 05, 2019

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