The Fittest People Have this ONE Thing in Common

The pursuit of happiness. As humans, it's coded in us to strive to be happy and to find our place within this hugely interconnected world—but what we're really looking for is our unique purpose. 

Having purpose brings happiness into your life and when you’re happy, life is good. Working in your preferred profession is one such way to infuse happiness into your life.

A new study suggests that exercise helps give you a greater sense of purpose—as if we needed another reason to lace up your kicks and tackle a sweat session at BodyRock+. (You can sign up for a free trial here.)

What's so Great about Finding Your Purpose?

One word: motivation.

Think back to grade school; which subject held your attention and came easily? Which was more challenging because it didn't come naturally? Apply this to the rest of your life; if you spend every day doing what you love, it stands to reason you'd feel a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose, right?

Research indicates having a strong sense of purpose in your life helps:

Reduce Stress: Knowing who you are and what matters most in your life can help cancel out the mental noise, making this an effective approach to dealing with stress.

Better Physical Health: Countless studies suggest that leading a purposeful life makes you less likely to develop conditions like stroke or heart disease. And what's more, you're likely to live longer too. Part of the reason is you're motivated to remain healthy by weaving in exercise and getting regular checkups.

Better Mental Health: Stress aside, leading a meaningful life helps prevent the onset of Alzheimer's, dementia or other cognitive disorders. 

The Study

A new study in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine suggests there is a correlation between exercise and a greater sense of life purpose. What they found was:

Fitness routines influence our sense of purpose and, 
Our sense of purpose is an indicator of how frequently we exercise.

The study followed 18,000 middle-aged individuals and uncovered a connection between leading a purposeful life and our desire to exercise. The core of it is simple: if you have a strong sense of purpose, you're more apt to set goals—cue, fitness goals—and the mere act of having aspirations lends itself to a greater sense of purpose.

Finding Meaning with Fitness

If your life has meaning, you're more likely to take good care of yourself. This is how you can apply this edict info to your life:

Find Your Sense of Purpose: If you haven't given much thought to what a meaningful life looks like to you think about:

What are you passionate about, what’s something you can get lost in?
What's your legacy; how do you want to be remembered?
What's your perfect day; what would you do?

Find Your Fitness: If you haven't already found the exercise routine that works for you, it's time too. You're guaranteed to commit to living a healthier life if you're focusing on the exercises that allow you to set bigger goals and push yourself that extra mile out of your comfort zone to achieve them.    

Try some exercise variety out over at BodyRock+ and find your fitness match.

Set Goals: Get motivated BodyRockers, not just for fitness sakes, but in general. Go wild, write out your goals in our Shift Happens Journal (get it now for FREE) and feel the spark of motivation ignite inside you.

Take Care of Yourself: We exercise to be healthy, so take it that next step further and remember to take care of yourself by eating properly and getting regular checkups.

Need more help on how to eat healthier? Grab a copy of our BodyRock Meal Plan eBooks.

How Exercise Provides You with a Sense of Purpose

Leading a purposeful life starts by finding what motivates you so you can do more of the things you're passionate about for a happier, healthier you! 




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