The Great Pumpkin Workout!: Get Your Gourd On!

'Tis the season to get your sweat on with our favourite jack-of-all trades fruit. Yep, we're talking about pumpkins (and yes, they are technically fruit!). Whether you've got a pumpkin ready to get carved up for Halloween, or just want a super cheap and fun way to spice up your workout, read on. We've designed a well-rounded seasonal workout for your gourd-eous body.

Getting Started:

  • Pick a pumpkin that you can lift over your head safely. You don't want to hurt yourself.
  • Similarly, bear in mind that unlike actual workout equipment, a pumpkin is not made for training. If this is your first time working out or you are a beginner, opt for bodyweight OR start with proper fitness gear.
  • Do each exercise for 50 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Complete the circuit 3-5 times  — or until you’ve worked off the dozen or so mini chocolate bars you ate last night watching the new episode of Riverdale. (It’s like we’re in your house, right? Now that’s spooky, AF!)
  • If you don’t have or want to get a pumpkin, you can of course do this workout with more conventional resistance. In fact, our best-selling sandbag and step riser are 40% off, so now’s the perfect time to grab this dynamic, fat-blasting duo.

The Great Pumpkin Workout

Pumpkin Squats & Calf Raises


Pumpkin Jack Push-Ups


Pumpkin Sit Ups


Pumpkin Press & Reverse Lunge


Pumpkin Bridge Twist

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Love the variations & multiple muscle recruitment!!

Canaan Champion October 30, 2018

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