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March 19, 2018 4 min read 1 Comment

While we may be squatting and lunging until getting off the toilet is torture, this won't guarantee we get a shapely, strong rear-end. It’s obviously not through a lack of trying, but it is through a lack of understanding of glute anatomy. These classic butt-sculpting movements target mainly the larger glute muscle groups, and often leave the smaller, deeper muscles in need of some serious attention.

Well, no more.

Today, you're going to learn how to exercise your butt for optimal aesthetic appeal and functional health. All it takes is 5 moves, and a more targeted approach to training.

Do these exercises as a circuit for a killer rear workout. You’ll feel the difference right away, and with some hard work and dedication, you’ll soon be seeing the difference too.

What you'll need:

Other than motivation and a few minutes, all you need to complete these exercises is a timer. These moves can be done with your own bodyweight, any time, anywhere.

This said, if you're finding your glute training has plateaued and you want to see some serious results, pick up a Booty Band. This ingenious gear will not only provide you with some extra resistance  — so you can push harder, build more lean muscle and torch more fat — but it also helps to guide your movement while simultaneously forcing your stabilizing muscles to work harder.

The result?Better gains, a perkier behind and healthier, more balanced body.

Time & Sets

Do each exercise as described for 50 seconds. Take a 10 second rest before moving on to the next. Complete the entire circuit 3-5 times.

  • Side Lying Clam

  • Lie on your left side, keeping both knees bent. Flex your hips to 30 degrees.
  • Keep your heels touching and pelvis still while simultaneously moving your right knee away from your hip by contracting the outer-side of your buttock. This is a very slow, small and targeted movement.
  • Bring your right knee back to center, but don’t let it rest against your left. Repeat the movement again for 50 seconds. Rest for 10. Switch sides. When you’ve completed one set on each side, move on to the next exercise.

Band Walk & Squat

  • Grab your Booty Band, and attach the straps around each ankle. If you don't have one, start at the next step.
  • Stand tall with your feet hip width apart. Take a step out to the left side, going as wide as you can.
  • Squat down, sitting deep into your heels and lifting your chest up so your spine is flat and long.
  • Stand up and bring your right foot in toward your left, so your feet are hip-width apart again.
  • Squat again.
  • Stand and step your left foot out to the side as wide as you can.
  • Squat. Repeat the sequence moving side to side for 50 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Move on to the next exercise.

Arabesque Kick

  • Begin on the floor, on your forearms and knees.
  • Lift your left leg off the floor, flexing your foot it and swinging it up and out to your right side.  Your torso and left leg will rotate slightly and the sole of your foot should be facing the right side.
  • Bring your left leg back to center, and repeat on the same side for 50 seconds. When time is up, take a 10 second rest and perform the exercise on the other side for 50 seconds. Move on to the next exercise.

Perfect this exercise without use of a Booty Band, first. Once you’ve master the move, attach your straps to your ankles and perform the sequence.

Back-and-Forth Back Kick

  • Grab your booty band, and attach the straps around each ankle. If you don't have one, start at the next step.
  • Stand tall with your feet hip width apart. Squat down, sitting deep into your heels and lifting your chest up so your spine is flat and long.
  • As you stand up, kick back with your left leg, extending it out as far as you can behind you. Focus on squeezing your glute, and -- if you have a Booty Band -- working against its resistance.
  • Bring the left foot back to center and squat again. As you stand up, kick back with your right leg. Repeat for 50 seconds, alternating sides after each squat.

*If you find this move too challenging, concentrate on the walk and ditch the squat.

Skater's Lunges

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Take your left leg diagonally back so your foot lands on the other side of your right leg. Simultaneously, bend your supporting right leg, performing a lunge.
  • Keep your chest lifted, and your spine long and strong.
  • Bring your left leg back to center, placing your feet hip-width apart. Repeat the movement with your right leg, continuing to alternate sides until 50 seconds is up. Rest for 10 seconds.
  • Return to the start of the circuit to resume your next round  — unless this was your last set, in which case, you're done and on your way to a better booty.

Booty Band Bundle

The Key to a Well Rounded Butt Workout

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March 21, 2018

For the arabesque kick – does the leg remain bent at the knee when raised or straighten out?

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