The Period Workout: Relieve Cramps & Torch Calories in 20 Minutes!

Aside from biking in white jeans or throwing ourselves off a high-dive in the world's smallest bikini, the absolute last thing most of us gals feel like doing when we have our period is working out. Crampy. Tired. Uncomfortable. Often, uncontrollably hungry. All of these things conspire to create the perfect excuse for hunkering down on the couch with a hot water bottle, bag of treats and the new season of Stranger Things--not sweating through your gym spandies in Jessica’s new BR20 workouts . But, really, that exercise you don’t wanna do? A period workout, young lady, is likely the best thing for you. 

Don't roll your eyes. We mean it. And if you do exercise on your period, especially through that gruelling first 48 hours, you know that despite how craptacular it can feel to start, you always feel better by the time you finish. In fact, those happy, stress-busting endorphins that are released when you workout also help dull pain, so by bringing on the burn during your sweat 'sesh, you can actually relieve your cramps.

But you've gotta find the will to begin, first. That's why we've designed this period workout. It'll work your body head-to-toe, scorching calories and helping you build that fat-burning lean muscle mass, but it's easy on the plyometrics, so you don't have to bounce around at this sensitive time of month. Oh, and the workout is only 20 minutes, so no matter how shitty you feel and how much you really don't want to workout, you can get it done and dusted in less time then it takes you to convince your partner to run to the store for tampons. 

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The Period Workout

This workout is designed to be completed in a timed circuit, so set your timers to 50 seconds, with 10 seconds rest. Do the circuit four times through, then call it a day!

Band Pull Down & Squat

Notes on form: Squat down into your heels and push up from your heels. This will keep the movement in your muscles, not your joints. Do your best to keep your arms up at all times. 

Hip Thrust & Twist

Notes on form: Twist with your upper body and use your core to help drive the movement, but try to keep your hips square--don’t let them fall to the floor or twist from side-to-side. Keep the work in your waist!

Reverse Lunge Rotation

Notes on form: Relax your shoulders and do not let them hunch up around your ears. Keep your spine straight and stand tall. Keep the movement slow and controlled, sinking down into your front heel. Ensure your front knee stays behind your toes.

Star Abs

Notes on form: Can be done without The Pink Thing, but this resistance band will help tone your arms, shoulders and legs, so give it a try! Keep belly-button tucked into your spine and be sure to breathe fully and evenly throughout the exercise.

Incline Push-Ups

Notes on form: Make sure your chest is coming down toward your hands--you don’t want your hands too far forward or back, since this can put undue strain on your shoulders. 

How’d you do? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to try out Jessica’s new BR20 classes for hot new moves for a hot, strong body! Get Sweatflix now for 30 days, risk free!


What I meant was — you should work out during your cycle. It can help relieve some symptoms. I ran a marathon while on my cycle. Lived. Love SweatFlix – best exercises ever!!!

Judy July 11, 2019

I give credit to anyone working out during menstruation. Been there, done with it. More importantly, these moves address the 5 Pillars of movement completely: Push, Pull, Lunge , Squat , Twist. Good for you!
No B.S. to me… certified personal trainer, exercise specialist with 36 years in the fitness industry. Happy customer. I use all my Sweatflux gear daily with my clientele.

Libby Hanley July 10, 2019

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