The Ultimate Fitness Holiday Gift Guide.

Make a huge splash under the tree, while giving your friends, family and loved ones the gift of fitness.

First of all, fitness lovers on your list LOVE getting workout gear anytime of year, but especially for Christmas! With the new year fast approaching, fitness is on everyone’s mind, and the fitness enthusiasts on your list will be getting excited about making New Years gains on their fitness goals. 

The other amazing thing about our holiday fitness gift guide is that our bundles and kits pack an impressive punch under the tree. There is a tremendous amount of value built into our bundles, and lot’s of gift items to pack around the tree and light up their eyes (and hearts). Let’s get started!

Santa’s Home Gym Bundle

Santa’s Home Gym Kit - Regular price: $637.90 - Now just $249!

With a $388.90 savings when you use code: HOMEGYM50, our Santa’s Home Gym Bundle is one of the best value bundles that we have ever offered. You get all of these bundle items for just $249!

What’s included:

20lb BodyRock Kettle bell.

Kettle Bell

 The perfect weight for getting started, our Kettle bell opens up a wide variety of strength training exercises. You can read more about the benefits of working out with Kettle bells here. 

The Pink Thing Resistance Band.

Pink Thing Resistance Band

The Pink Thing is one of the most versatile resistance bands on the market. We use it in almost every workout, and the ‘rungs’ in the design allow you to increase or decrease resistance, depending on where you hold it. Perfect as a mobile gym, you can pack it or take it on the go. 

Classic Ankle Weights.

Ankle Weights

Part of our ‘wearable’ weights line, ankle weights add a boost of extra resistance to any exercise or movement, from walking to HIIT training. These are classics, and standard gear for fitness buffs the world over. 

Weighted Skipping Rope.

Skipping Rope

Our custom designed speed rope comes in a hard case with 3 different, interchangeable rope lengths included. Most ropes have just 1 fixed rope length that is often either too long, or too short. Our rope has a large, medium and shorter length rope that easily switches out, so that you have the length that is perfect for your height. The rope also includes weights that you can add to the handles if you are looking for an extra calorie burn. 

Mini Challenger Bars.

Challenger Bars

Our parallel bars are great for learning to do push up variations, dips, core work, and even learning how to do handstands. They are a great tool for beginners to help them ease their way into more advanced exercises. 



Included are a set of 10lb dumbbells. The perfect weight for most exercises, our dumbbells are not ‘chick weights’ - they are gym quality, stainless steel with HEX rubber ends. We chose these types of weights because they won’t scuff or mark your floors, and it’s possible to put them down quietly (in case the kids are sleeping, or you have grumpy neighbors below you). 

Yoga Mat & Carrying Bag. 

Yoga Mat

Our yoga mats are thick, with lots of support and cushioning for floor work, and they are non-slip, meaning that you won’t slide off of them while you are training. Perfect for Yoga, Strength Training, and all floor based movements, our Mat is a top notch addition to any home fitness area. The Mat also comes with a travel bag, which you can store the mat in, or slip over your shoulder to take it on the go. 

The BodyRock Weighted Vest.

Weighted Vest

Our most popular item, the BodyRock weighted vest has been specifically designed to fit a woman’s body. Adding hands free resistance to every movement, the vest is perfect for walking, cycling, strength training, hiit and even just doing household chores. The vest automatically turns any activity into resistance training, upping your calorie burn and helping to sculpt long, lean, athletic muscles. 

All the workouts.

As part of this gift bundle, you also get 30 days of unlimited streaming access to - the ‘NetFlix’ of fitness. If you are new or just getting started, why not try one of our 30 day Beginner Bootcamps? We also have our Intro to HIIT Bootcamp, and Intro to Strength Training Bootcamp, among hundreds of other classes and programs. Having the classes included, means that you can get the most out of your new fitness gear, and make 2022 the year for getting into the best shape of your life. 

Give yourself the gift of fitness this holiday season, or drop a massive fitness gift bomb on someone you love. It’s going to be a workout just unwrapping all of these gifts! Check out Santa’s Home Gym Bundle Here.

We have 50 of these kits available, and are delivering all the way up to Christmas Eve, so don’t miss out. Use code: HOMEGYM50 at checkout to get the $388.90 discount. 

Happy Holidays,


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