The Ultimate Plan for Losing Weight in Your Sleep.

5 Ways to Lose Weight in Your Sleep.

These fitness sleep hacks will help you lose hundreds of extra calories per night while you sleep. 

Most people have never considered how critical sleep is to weight loss. We spend a lot of our life sleeping, and the time that our body spends rejuvenating itself can be harnessed to advance our fat loss and body composition goals. 

tired from bad sleep

We all know what it feels like to wake up after a bad night's sleep. You feel tired, cranky and sluggish. Everything is just that much harder - including losing weight. 

The compounding effects of just one bad night of sleep. 

This is what happens when you miss a night of good sleep. 

Not getting enough quality sleep can make you gain weight by slowing down your metabolism. Just one night of bad sleep can slow your metabolism the next morning, reducing the energy that your body burns by as much as 20%. 

A study in the UK found that when women are tired, they are 60% more likely to skip their workout and minimize overall movement. If you are tired from not sleeping well, it's a safe bet that you will feel too tired to stream your workout, so we you are now missing that calorie burn as well. 

Not getting enough sleep also throws off your hunger hormones, making you far more likely to overeat on a day that your body is already burning significantly fewer calories due to your metabolic slow down and missed workout. Studies have shown that people who sleep 5.5 hours or less eat an average of 385 more calories per day than those that sleep at least 7-12 hours. 

late night eating and weight gain

Not sleeping at night often leads to late night eating, when your body is more resistant to insulin. The extra calories that you eat late at night will likely be stored as fat. 

These are the potential effects of missing just one night of good sleep. Weight loss is challenging at the best of times, but becomes next to impossible when your sleep is broken. Imagine the ongoing impact of multiple nights of poor sleep per week? Let's look at how we can keep your metabolism stoked up overnight with these simple weight loss sleep hacks. 

Lift weights and strength train for 20 minutes in the early evening with Coach Jessie. 

BodyRockPlus fitness streaming service

One of the best times to strength train and lift weights is right after work in the early evening. Lifting dumbbells, or using the Sculpt Bar for just 20-30 minutes will boost your metabolic rate for up to 16 hours afterwards. That's 16 hours at an increased calorie burn - including all of the hours that you will be peacefully sleeping. Our Introduction to Strength Training Bootcamp is exactly 25 minutes per workout, and flows at a pace that is perfect for any fitness level. Do one of these workouts in the early evening to set yourself up for maximum calorie burn as you sleep. 

Take a cold shower before Bed.  

cold shower for fat loss

This sounds more tortuous than it is. Research has shown that just 30 seconds of cold water (crank the knob all the way to the cold side) is all that it takes to activate your body’s brown adipose tissue, also known as ‘brown fat’. When you activate this adipose tissue, it can burn up to an extra 400 calories as you sleep. 

Drink 3-4 cups of Green Tea per day. 

green tea for metabolism boost

If you’ve had 3+ cups of green tea over the course of the day, your metabolism will rev up an extra 3.5% of calorie burn overnight. 

Sleep in a cold room. 

sleep in a cold room for weight loss

Making sure that your thermostat is set to a cool 66 degrees fahrenheit (18 degrees celsius) will burn 7% more calories per night as your body burns more energy to maintain your core body temperature. Combine this with the green tea hack to get an impressive 10% boost each night.   

The Ultimate Weight Loss while You Sleep Plan.

✅ Stream the 25 minute long Intro to Strength Training Bootcamp right after work, or in the early evening.

✅ Focus cold water on your upper back (between your shoulder blades) for the last 30 seconds of your post-workout shower. Make sure the water is as cold as you can make it. 

✅ Drink 3-4 cups of green tea per day. 

✅ Sleep in a cold room. Crank your thermostat down. 

✅ Don’t eat late at night. Keep your dinners early.

✅ Make sure that you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep to keep your metabolism cracking along and to avoid messing with your hunger hormones. 

This woman is crushing her night time calorie burn

If you have never considered the importance of a good night sleep, we have now empowered you to take action and get your sleep working towards your weight loss goals. To help you with your fitness, here is an extended 30 day trial of our fitness streaming platform - you can try our Introduction to Strength Training, or any of our other workout series for a full 30 days free. We hope that you will join us.



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