The Ultimate WFH Mobility Workout for Your Stiff, Sore Body

Are YOU working from home (ie. WFH)? If you audibly groan every time you stand up from your desk (or your kitchen table or couch or whatever constitutes your workspace these days), then chances are, you could use an at-home mobility workout for your aching body.

At-home mobility workouts are a great way to keep your body limber, your posture on point, and your joints supple. If you run or lift regularly, mobility training is also a brilliant way to prevent injuries by promoting the proper form and function of muscles, joints, and ligaments. What's more, by creating a more functionally robust body, mobility training can help you perform better when you do a workout, leading to leaner, stronger, and more powerful results from your sweat 'sesh. 

At-Home Mobility Workout With BodyRock

We won’t keep blathering on about all the benefits of mobility training. If you're here, reading this, chances are you know all about them by now (and if you don't, you can read about the perks here).

What you want is an amazing at-home mobility workout that will help release tension and reduce pain while improving your range of motion and your overall health. 

Let's get to it. 

Tone & Torch At-Home Mobility Class

Try this class from our wicked popular Tone & Torch series on BR+ with BodyRock Trainers Tammy and Jessie. In less than 30 minutes, these two BFFs are going to help you slow down the tempo and tune into your body.

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The class starts with a super important chat on flexion and extension and then gets into the workout. You've got nothing to lose by trying. This at-home mobility workout is easy to modify, making it great for all fitness levels. 

What you’ll need:

While you can do this with no equipment, we recommend grabbing our Pink Thing Resistance Bands and our Stability Ball to get the most out of every move. You can get the gear here, at a kick-ass price.



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