Things are changing at BodyRock - Update

Hi BodyRockers, 

We recently shared an update outlining some of the changes that are taking place here at BodyRock.Tv. 

About two months ago we decided to take a stand against fitness fakery, artificial beauty standards, and the war of manipulation that is being waged to make us hate our bodies. We’ve taken a hit in our follower counts - roughly 15k people have now stopped following our Instagram account, but a lot of new people have found us, and their voices are being heard in the comments.

Our account engagement has gone up over 1000% - you can see it in the number of likes, shares and comments we are receiving now whenever we amplify an important message that pushes back against the fake, corporate fitness media. 

Lush Cosmetics recently decided to permanently shutter all of their social media accounts - costing the company $13 million dollars in revenue. Their CEO said that Lush could not, in good conscience, use social media when there is a mountain of evidence to support that social media is not just harmful, but incredibly toxic to the brand's core user group - women and young girls.

I understand the impulse to shut down social media accounts, but I think that those of us who have platforms need to use our voices to press the fight forward and be a counterbalance against the continuous and corrupt messaging that we are not good enough as we are.

It may cost us followers, and as a company, we are just a tiny fraction of the size of Lush, but we are going to stay on the social media battlefield and fight it out everyday to normalize real bodies, to smash corporate 'beauty' standards, and to democratize fitness so that exercise and health becomes something that accessible to all. 

Did you know? We called out Women's Health Magazine this month for photoshopping their most recent cover of Halle Berry. 

 Our pivot out of e-commerce as our main business focus has been supported by the biggest promotional sales that we have ever done. Today, as part of our Cyber Monday campaign, we are offering 50% off everything store wide. It’s not just about freeing up our warehouse space, we are committed to getting our fitness gear (which we have spent the last 7 years improving to the point where we can confidently say that our workout equipment is the best online) into as many people’s hands as possible. We’ve always priced our gear with accessibility in mind, because we know the positive impact having an exercise space in the home has. We’ve written numerous articles on the immense benefits that parents can provide their children by being the living, breathing example of fitness in the home. Kids that see their parents make time for their fitness are much more likely to excel when it comes to their own health and wellbeing. 

Cyber Monday 50% OFF

We are working on an exciting streaming project that will be launching in January. This will mean more classes, a greater variety of programs, and new coaches.

This will be the beating heart of the new BodyRock - real workouts, for real people, that really work.

That's a lot of really’s in one sentence, but I think you get where we are coming from. Our coaches are focused on showing up from the heart to support you in your journey - not being ‘InstaFamous’.

After pioneering online fitness for the better part of the last 15 years, we know the difference between people who are into fitness to be ‘famous’ and those coaches that find their true passion and meaning from actually helping people succeed.

That is the kind of family that we are growing here at BodyRock. Substance over flash, authenticity over toxic social media fame. When our new project drops, we will be the first to let you know. 

As always, I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported us over the years, and particularly over the last few months, as we have realigned our voice to further support the democratization of health and fitness.

There is room in the tent for everyone, and maybe, just maybe, our combined fitness journeys will actually be able to unify us a little bit more at a time in our society when there are so many divisions. If you want to support our mission here, the best way that you can support where we are going is to simply train with us on - let us help you get in the best shape of our life (whatever that looks like for you) and in turn, you can help BodyRock become a stronger voice in the fight against the fake fitness media that constantly manipulates us into believing that we are not enough, that our bodies need to fit into a very specific mold, and that fitness is just for the select few. 




Why would BodyRock TV put Kim Kardashian on their website she is one the fakiest person on the planet
Her butt and body and face has been altered by surgery. Her body isn’t natural at all.

L February 25, 2022

Maybe you should request 50 and older women who love fitness, contact you and be a part of your program to encourage older women to get fit and healthy. They should show wrinkly skin on face and legs (who cares), how to stay fit with past injuries, the importance of starting a regular lifting program. I’m 60 and would love to be part of this mission – check out my website (promotes veganism, artist, author, veterinarian)

Dena December 02, 2021

Love the direction BR is choosing to go! Keep up the good work and body positive messaging!

Tracy Magwire December 02, 2021

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