Think You’re Fit? The Weighted Vest: Ultimate Workout Game Changer

Remember the first time you smashed out a few burpees? Or tuck jumps? Or jump squats? Remember that delirious, winded rush? The feeling that you can't go on, followed by the knowledge you just had to 'cause you're ready for change, dammit, and won't keep living a half-life?

It's a great feeling, but one that's relatively short-lived. Those burpees will get old, fast. Our bodies adapt to new workout routines and new moves in a matter of weeks  — about three to six weeks, actually, if you're exercising regularly. So, the killer hard moves that drove results will get easier, and as they get easier, you'll stop seeing further gains. You'll plateau. It happens. In fact, plateaus are an inevitable part of working out, occurring when your body ceases to be challenged and becomes complacent in your workout.

Enter: the weighted vest. There's a reason we wear a weighted vest in so many of our workouts: they WORK because they force you to work harder. This means you expend more energy, build more muscle and burn more fat during and after every single sweat 'sesh  — all because you took two seconds to snap on your weighted vest. What’s more, weighted vests will help you train every inch of your body, from head to toe without having to hold onto extra weight. That’s right: we’re talking hands-free training so you can do more, move more and ultimately, burn and build more.

See what we mean.

Upper Body: In/Out Push-Up

Also featured: Challenger Bars.

Core: Star Abs

Also featured: The Pink Thing resistance band.

Lower Body: Deadlift + Side Lunge

Also featured: Weight plates.

Like these moves? Combine them in a circuit for 4 rounds of brilliant, sweaty fun for your whole body! Set your timer to 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.

Adding a 12 lb weighted vest to this circuit could help you burn around 50 calories more per session  — not to mention the after burn that comes from training with resistance which results in an increase in calorie burn for up to 38 hours following exercise.

The Weighted Vest: What You Need to Know About This Game-Changing Gear

One of the things we love most about the weighted vest is you can use it for a variety of training. Available in four weights (6lbs, 8lbs, 10lbs and 12lbs), it's easy to choose a vest for your current fitness level and training purpose. For example, you can get a 6lb vest to start and then work your way up to a 12 lb. Or, you may grab a 6lb to add to your plyometric moves (e.g. jump squats) and a heavier one for your classic compound moves, like cleans and presses.

Sean shows how it’s down  — jump squats with the 10 lb weighted vest.

Your vest won't become obsolete, either. Sure, as you get stronger, the 6lb vest may become easier to work with, but that's when you change your standard push-up to a more advanced push-up option. Yes, of course you can grab a heavier vest too, but the point is as long as you are adding to your actual body weight, you're forcing your body to build more muscle and torch more fat.

What Vest to Use When?

Again, that depends on your fitness level and the particular move you are doing. For instance, doing this move with a 6lb vest would likely feel killer…

Bear Thighs Tricep Push-Up + Kick Back

...but doing a standard squat with that same weight would feel fine. We use all four vests for different types of workouts and different moves. You can also use your vest for cardio, like walking, running or the stair climber, but we suggest starting with a lighter weight. This will help you avoid joint injury while building up ligament strength.

Fit-Life Hack: Increase the calorie burn of everyday activities like cleaning the house by strapping on a 12lb weighted vest! Example: A 35 year old woman who weighs 143 pounds will burn roughly 190 calories doing housework for an hour. Add a 12lb weighted vest, and she'll burn over 220 calories, while also building stronger muscles that will fuel further fat loss.

It all adds up! And that's why we add the weighted vest to so many of our workouts. Add it to yours to see and feel the difference for yourself! Bring home a weighted vest of your very own & shop our Spring Break Sale. With over $100 off our best-selling gear, there’s never been a better time to get the best from our vests!

Be sure to keep your vest smell-free with our anti-bacterial, non-aerosol, phosphate free Odor-Aid. It’s safe, and will help keep your vest in tip-top shape.

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