Does smoking weed make you gain weight?

Good news stoners, getting the munchies after partaking in Marjuawna won’t necessarily lead to weight gain. Pass the blunt!

Everyone is familiar with the stereotype of the ‘pot head’ getting uncontrollable munchies after they spark up. Obviously, any kind of binge out, high as a kite or not, is not supportive of weight loss goals. 

The ‘science’ around this has been pretty clear. Having random eating patterns (hitting the order button on Uber Eats at 1am, after already having crushed your regular supper for instance) often leads to overeating, which can lead to weight gain. 

Weed and weight gain

True Story. I started smoking weed when I was 38 years old. Having discovered that smoking and listening to EDM (electronic dance music) was something that I found fun and relaxing. It didn’t take me long to discover that I also liked to snack when I was high. To keep my snacking ‘healthy’, I kept a Quest Protein Bar in my nightstand. Problem solved, or so I thought. As I would bliss out before bed, one Quest Bar became two, then became three. Adding 660+ calories to my daily intake had the eventual effect of my weight going from 175 lbs to 209 lbs. I’ve since dropped that weight again, but the lesson that I learned from smoking weed and snacking was that it becomes easier to lose your mindfulness around how much you are consuming. When everything just feels good, it became easier for me to mindlessly indulge. I don’t believe that the weed itself made me hungrier, it just made me enjoy pleasurable sensations and tastes more. 

What does science have to say about how the Devil’s weed affects your appetite and possible weight gain?

Studies are starting to examine the role that weed use plays in Metabolism, fat loss and motivation to be healthy & active. This is a relatively new area of study, but some early indicators about the impact of Marjuana on weight loss seem positive. 

Does smoking pot make you gain weight?

The biggest win for Cannabis users is the calorie savings from switching your buzz from Alcohol to weed. Drinking alcohol can really compound caloric intake and in general, people seem to be less aware of drinking their calories, and often dramatically underestimate how many calories they are slugging back in those generous pours of Pinot Noir. Binge drinking is often associated with binge eating, usually at the end of the night, followed by hangover brunches. You can easily reverse the gains of a week of disciplined choices with one night of binge drinking. 

Researchers have been trying to determine if THC - the compound in weed that gets you high - stimulates weight loss. So far, the studies have only been done on mice and rats, so the jury is still out for humans, but there does appear to be a connection between weed use and a possible reduction in BMI (Body Mass Index). 

Pot and weight gain

What about the munchies? A study in the International Journal of Epidemiology has found that people who use Cannabis on a regular basis are less likely to be overweight or obese when compared to those that don’t use the drug. Interestingly, CBD might counteract any hunger boosting effects of THC. Using blends of THC that also contain CBD might counteract any hunger boosting effects of THC. If you enjoy using marjuana, and are concerned about the dreaded munchies, try using a blend of THC and CBD, you might discover that you are less likely to overeat. 

If you are into weed, then enjoy it responsibly, and always be mindful about how it impacts your behaviour. There is also a subset of our BodyRockers that enjoy doing the workouts on after getting their buzz on. I will be writing an article on working out while high in the near future.



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What would exactly be a blend of THC and CBD. I smoke cannabis and cannot stop eating two hours later and this obviously stops my weight loss. Thanks

Patricia December 23, 2021

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